Chase and Willow’s Wedding on General Hospital Was a Predictable Disaster, With More to Come — Plus the Enigma That Is Austin

June 14 - 18:

Chase on his wedding day GH

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After last week’s episodes, which felt were a bit slow, I questioned if General Hospital getting rid of Peter and Cyrus at the same time was a good move. This week the stories picked up a little. We finally got the truth about Chase and Finn, but this farce of a wedding will have lasting implications. And we now know where Peter is, and things are bound to get far more complicated with that scenario too. Plus we got more teases about who Austin might be. 

Cold As Ice

We finally got an answer as to where Finn and Liz stashed Peter, and it seriously could set the stage for how General Hospital could resurrect Peter one day. They transported him down to Helena’s old lab space in the supposedly long closed-off sub-basement of General Hospital, where they magically found an old working freezer to stash him in. Hopefully, it’s not one of Helena’s magic cryogenic freezers! Why is there even still power down there? Why haven’t they filled it in with cement?

gh peter ghost

As the guilt ate Finn alive, he clearly found himself relying more on Liz’s support. I recoiled similarly to Liz when Finn reached out and tried to touch her face. We all know this forced relationship is coming, but couldn’t they wait till Franco has been dead just a little longer? Then again, soap time passes differently.

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Finn’s Aha Moment

Last week I had pondered if General Hospital had revealed Finn wasn’t Chase’s father after the DNA cure failed, and fortunately, it didn’t take the brilliant doctor very long to come to the same conclusion. Finn also finally acknowledged that second DNA test he did, which it appears Cyrus may have also tampered with because it too showed that Finn was the father. At least the writers didn’t forget about that one. Finn ordered a third test, and while I understand the procedural reasons why Finn insisted they wait for the latest results before giving Chase the cure, as Gregory pointed out, Chase’s already out of time. Plus, the first cure almost did him in, so what the hell? I felt that they should have told Chase the truth and given him the option to try the second cure in spite of the risks, but of course, that would have stopped the wedding! This entire storyline has come down to everyone who loves Chase being forced to lie to him.

It’s Your Wedding Day!

Chase and Willow went from one of my favorite new couples on this soap to being stuck in the center of one storyline after another that I find myself the least enthralled by. The only thing I enjoyed about this wedding ceremony was the adorable Violet’s interactions with Chase. Watching the painful looks between Gregory and Jackie, and Anna and Finn, just made the already depressing occasion that much worse. And as much as they bore me, even I felt bad watching Michael have to put the wedding ring on Willow’s finger for Chase, who was too weak to do it. Though I also thought they were probably secretly pretending they were marrying each other at that moment.

Willow and Chase wedding GH

Shortly after they married, Chase coded just as Finn got the news that Gregory was the daddy and they finally had a cure. Obviously, Chase will survive, but as soap viewers, we’ve watched far too similar storylines play out before, and we can easily speculate how this one might go down. For example, though he’s alive, Chase won’t be well enough to deal with the devastating truth immediately, so the marriage farce will continue. Will Willow learns she’s pregnant and due to circumstance, i.e. she will sleep with Chase, not know who the father is? Or she will know it’s Michael but has to lie to Chase, who thinks it is his?

Now while such storylines can be dramatic when done right, they also need the right characters. I just am not that attached to the main players anymore, aside from Chase, who I’d like to see extricated from Michael and Willow’s life as soon as possible.

So Long Cyrus

We finally saw the last of Cyrus, for now, as he was sent off to a prison somewhere in the Midwest. However before he left he gave his sister Laura the chilling message that he’d always be family, he’d always be in her head, and he’d bring out her dark side. What is this, Star Wars? Obviously, we haven’t seen the last of him, but I will enjoy the break from his character.

Laura is concerned about Jordan GH

Cyrus almost took out someone else as he was headed out of town, and that was Jordan. She revealed to Laura that she and Taggert struck immunity deals in exchange for testifying against Cyrus and that she felt she needed to resign as the truth of what they had done was eventually going to be made public. Why oh why did Laura talk her out of leaving? Is she just feeling guilty because she knows Curtis wants to move on with Portia and she doesn’t want to deal another blow to Jordan? We could have had Mac put on the job and an actual well-run PCPD for once! Laura should have snatched that resignation and shown Jordan to a desk in the squad room. Actually, she should have just fired her.

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More Trouble for Carly

Carly sure was squinting her eyes and pursing her lips a lot this week. She is onto the fact that Jax somehow forced Michael to allow Nina back into Wiley’s life and is unhappy about it. She seems to be wary of Jason and Britt’s budding relationship. She also hasn’t been fond of everyone suggesting she let Jason take over the business and step down. By Friday though, she may just have to do that after Brick revealed the other families see her, and the Corinthos organization as weak now, and are waiting for Jason to take charge. Ouch!

You know Carly didn’t want to hear that. She’s got a taste of power and I just don’t see her giving it up. And if what little we saw in Nixon Falls plays out, and “Mike” shows up in Port Charles to surprise Nina, things could go from bad to worse for Carly. I’m hoping “Mike” heeds Phyllis’ advice and takes that road trip home because it’s time to end Nixon Falls and this amnesia storyline. I also really want to see the look on Carly’s face when she realizes her husband is now in love with one of her current nemeses. I just want to see the look on her face, not this Nina/Mike romance play out mind you.

Investigating Pautuck

Dante and Sam continued to butt heads as they looked into what happened to Maxie and her baby up in Pautuck. Of course, the house Peter rented and had Chloe take Maxie to was owned by none other than Austin No-Last-Name-Yet. We did get a few more clues about him, such as his interest in the upcoming ELQ emergency CEO meeting. Many are suspecting Austin is a Quartermaine and the son of Jimmy Lee Holt.

Austin and Dante hike GH

This storyline felt a bit of a jumbled mess to me. The camera that Dante discovered in the house was obviously placed by Peter and Chloe, but the footage indicated to Sam and Dante that Maxie had lied to them about what happened. Well, we know she lied, but what do they think she lied about? The next thing we see is Austin leading Dante to the mineshaft with evil fake Chloe in it while Sam confronted Maxie over her insistence that she believes Chloe took her baby. Is that what they suspect Maxie of lying about? Chloe running off with the baby? Well, that is a lie, but how did Sam and Dante deduce that?

As always, these are only my thoughts on this week’s episodes of General Hospital. Join the conversation by leaving your own in the comments below.

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