Did General Hospital Just Reveal Finn Is Not Chase’s Father? Plus, Speculating on Ava and Nikolas’ Stalker

June 7 - 11:

Finn almost confesses to Chase GH

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With Peter apparently really dead, and Cyrus heading to prison, it actually felt like a slow week on General Hospital. A development in Chase’s case further fueled speculation as to who his father really is, and Nikolas and Ava’s stalker was back and causing more trouble. Let’s just dive into what occurred this week in Port Charles.

Is This Really Goodbye?

Viewers, and Cyrus, learned that Cyrus was being shipped out not to Pentonville, but instead a maximum-security prison. Both Carly and Laura had what seemed to be their farewell exchanges with the former ponytail-wearing mobster, leaving the audience wondering if this is really it. I was certain we’d see Cyrus in Pentonville threatening Alexis and Shawn, but it looks like for now, we won’t be seeing much of him at all. Given the overdose of both Cyrus and Peter over this past year, or I should say years when it comes to Peter, having a break from both of them feels like a breath of fresh air. At the same time, the show felt very quiet this week. Though many were crying for them both to go, was getting rid of the show’s two biggest villains at the same time a mistake?

Cyrus gets a visitor GH

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The Return of Aunt Stella

Stella was back in town and Curtis’ Auntie wasted no time getting back into form and getting all up in her nephew’s business, namely making sure Portia wasn’t getting into Curtis’ business! She successfully steered Portia away from Curtis, while at the same time suggesting to Jordan that she fight for her marriage. As much as I like the chemistry between Portia and Curtis, and want to see more from them, this storyline and the end of Curtis and Jordan’s marriage haven’t exactly been thrilling daytime drama material. Now that Trina has stopped hating Curtis, I’m thinking about now would be a good time to stir things up by bringing back that long dropped storyline involving Trina learning through an ancestry report that she had an unknown relative in Port Charles. Many viewers were certain it was Stella, who also had done a DNA ancestry test, and thereby could lead to the revelation that Curtis is her biological father.

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The Answer Is Right in Front of Finn

Thanks to an idea from Liz, Finn deduced he could cure Chase by tricking his body to take the antidote by hijacking it with his and Jackie’s DNA. If you didn’t catch it, there was a quick nod to the mRNA research here that was the foundation of the COVID-19 vaccines. Unfortunately, the cure made Chase worse, leaving Finn puzzled. Most viewers weren’t at all puzzled and felt this confirmed that Finn was not Chase’s father, but his brother, which is why his cure failed… he used the wrong DNA!

Gregory and Jackie stand by Chase GH

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Once again I wondered whatever happened to that second paternity test Finn sent out to make sure the first, which appears to have been tampered with by Cyrus, was valid. Why the supposedly genius doctor isn’t questioning whether he really is Chase’s dad is bewildering, but his mind is in a thousand places at the moment. Not only is he desperate to save Chase, but the guilt of Peter’s death is still weighing on him. That also brings up the fact that we still don’t know where Peter’s body is. Anna suspects Peter is “hiding” somewhere in General Hospital, and she may be more right than she realizes!

Where Can I Get a Membership?

Obrecht and Anna’s bonding moment was not only the highlight of the week but also the gift we didn’t know we needed. Never in a million years did I think we’d see Obrecht reach out to help Anna in dealing with her grief, and anger, over Peter. Obrecht took Anna to a place where she could vent her frustrations by smashing various electronic and household appliances with the weapon of her choice. It was a hilarious scene, and in case you were curious, yes these types of businesses exist! They are often called smash clubs or wrecking clubs. Who said you can’t learn something new by watching a soap opera!

Anna and Obrecht smash things General Hospital

The Most Boring Blackmail Ever

In last week’s soapbox, I wondered if Chase was the one spying on Michael and Willow making love, but it turned out to be Jax. Of course, Jax used this knowledge to blackmail Michael into letting Nina see Wiley. Obviously, the show is trying to make more drama for Michael and Willow as a way to potentially get viewers to support them, but it just isn’t going to happen. Inserting Jax into what is already a storyline that is just not doing it for me is only making me care even less about Millow as a couple. Friday events took another predictable turn, with a dying Chase asking Willow to marry him. I mean, who didn’t see this coming? I really hope someone tells Chase the truth before he and Willow say, “I do,” but that wouldn’t be very soap-like would it?

Michael and Willow wake up at guesthosue General Hospital

Back From Nixon Falls

Nina came pretty close to crossing a line with “Mike,” and therefore took the opportunity to visit with Wiley thanks to Jax’s blackmail to hightail it out of Nixon Falls. However, after some pushing from Lenny, who had a health scare, it appears “Mike” is considering going after Nina. We can only hope he does, and this long-drawn-out amnesia storyline can come to an end. Even if “Mike” doesn’t come to Port Charles, there is still hope this storyline will soon end. During Nina’s first visit with Wiley, she told the toddler that his grandpa Sonny was in fact alive, and she didn’t know if she should tell his mean Grandma Carly. Okay, I did get a laugh at her referring to Carly as “mean Grandma Carly” in front of a child. But has Nina forgotten that this is the same kid that immediately repeated the last thing she told him, that Willow wasn’t his mommy? I can’t wait to see how Nina explains this one…

The Stalker Returns

Ava and Nikolas got another surprise gift from their stalker, a photo of them with a dagger through it. While Ava continued to believe it was Ryan’s doing, Dante suggested Nikolas might be the actual object of the stalker’s infatuation. I’ve long been convinced Spencer was behind this, and with his graduation being mentioned by Laura a few weeks back, I’ve been expecting him to turn up in Port Charles at any moment. I’m also expecting the role may be recast, aging Spencer to keep up with the Port Charles University crowd. However a viewer on Twitter suggested another candidate for the stalker, and that’s Hayden.

Nikolas has a plan GH

I’ve made no secret that I want to see Hayden back, and this could be a great storyline for her. She definitely has enough reasons to hold a grudge against Nikolas, especially seeing he’s the one who ran her out of town. With Shawn learning his parole was denied, which was heavily hinted was thanks to Nikolas, it would make sense for Hayden to return now as Shawn tries to find out who really took the shot at her that he’s serving time for.

As always, these are just my opinions. Join the conversation by leaving yours in the comments.

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