While We Hope He’s *Actually* Dead, Peter’s Demise on General Hospital Felt Underwhelming

May 31 - June 4:

Peter confronted on roof GH

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The action was fast and non-stop this week on General Hospital, except for Michael and Willow. Though Peter appears to have met his maker, many are echoing my sentiments from last week’s column, and we remain unsure whether Peter’s really dead. Across town, Cyrus spiraled out of control, and we got the pleasure of seeing Cyrus and Peter taken down one after the other.

All the Applause Goes to Maxie!

Kirsten Storms gave a powerhouse performance. Not only did Maxie send that psycho fake nurse Chloe down a mineshaft, but she masterfully manipulated Peter into spilling all, which she taped and sent to Mac. Bravo Maxie! But it was Maxie going off on how pathetic and evil Henrik was, and blaming him for the loss of their daughter, in which Storms shined and brought the house down. It also just felt really good watching Henrik realize he had lost everything.

Peter sees Maxie at the hospital GH

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See Peter Run, See Peter Fall… Die Peter, Die!

Every day for the past week the show opened the same way, with Peter at the bottom of the stair and viewers anxiously waiting to find out what happened. It was a great set-up, but in the end, the payoff was nowhere near as satisfying as it should have been. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Peter is gone and hoping he’s dead… but with soap operas, you just never know. And Peter’s bizarre ending, for now, is no exception.

I did like that the show made use of what I can only assume was the rooftop of the studios to shoot some outdoor face-off scenes between Peter and Finn. Though’s own Matt noticed some glaring continuity errors going on…

Aside from the bizarre daylight savings issues, the rooftop scenes were fun, and Peter tossing the antidote off the roof in front of Finn’s face was damn cold-hearted. Then he had the audacity to turn and walk away as if nobody could stop him. Well, Finn did and sent him tumbling down the stairs to his death. Enter Liz, with one of the worst ideas ever. Liz managed to convince Finn to cover up Peter’s death to avoid going to prison for murder, pointing out if he was in jail that nobody could save Chase. Okay, it wasn’t as if Finn set out to kill Peter, so it’s doubtful he’d be sent to prison. Wait, this is General Hospital, so he probably would get life in prison with no parole, or the death penalty. In reality, the town should give Finn an award for taking out Peter.

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Unfortunately thanks to Liz’s plan, these two have committed a crime in covering up Peter’s death. Of course, now they have this secret between them, which will naturally bring them closer as the show seems to be continuing to try and force a romantic pairing between Liz and Finn. That’s still a big no for me. And what we all just really want to know at this point is, where’s the body?

Liz and Finn clearly hid Peter somewhere and are letting everyone believe he escaped. Any soap viewer knows when a dead body gets hidden in a coverup, the body is bound to go missing. So not only are we left wondering where Peter is, and if he’s really is dead, but now we have to watch this cover-up play out. This made Peter’s death so dissatisfying. Instead of celebrating the end of Peter, he still remains a pivotal plot point to be a major focus likely for months to come.

Cyrus Goes Down…Literally.

It wasn’t just Peter who viewers got to watch spin out of control this week, but Cyrus too. Genie Francis delivered the second amazing performance of the week as Laura bravely took on her brother, who has forgone the ponytail look now that the guns have come out and he’s been backed into a corner. Jeff Kober as Cyrus was also phenomenal and finally made me feel some form of pity for this character as Laura tried to reach the little boy inside him, the boy his mother loved. This was the Cyrus we needed to see more of this past year. I understand that the show had to build to this confrontation, but it took so long to get here, that Cyrus became a one-note wonder whiney cry baby rather than the villain he should have been.

Cryus is unhinged GH

Things hit an exciting head in the hostage situation that played out as Curtis tried to save Laura, but was shot by Cyrus, who in turn was taken down by Jordan. I guess it was asking for too much to be rid of Cyrus in the same week as Peter. He survived, and is in custody, but watching Jordan blow him away was far more satisfying than Peter’s tumble down the stairs. And Peter supposedly died! Meanwhile, Curtis is hanging on by a thread, but no way will they kill him off when he’s the center of a new love story with Portia. As for Cyrus, I expect to see him terrorizing Alexis in Pentonville soon enough.

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Doctor Austin, Man of Mystery

Austin made another quick appearance as he checked on Maxie, but we got a puzzling scene leaving us wanting to know more about him. Austin paused at a plaque in the pediatric wing named after Michael Corinthos and seemed intrigued. Is he related to Sonny? We’ve also speculated whether Austin could be a Quartermaine, related to Jimmy Lee Holt.

Canada Beats Nixon Falls

Viewers got a week free of Nixon Falls, Nina and “Mike,” and boy was it wonderful! Up in Canada, Britt was reunited with Obrecht in scenes that gave us all the feels. Obrecht grilling Britt about shtupping Jason was hilarious, Britt opening up to Mutter up about having Huntington’s was heartbreaking, but the sparkle in her eyes when it came to the idea of a future with Jason gave us hope that we aren’t going to have to watch Britt waste away.

Britt and Jason make love GH


To end the week, Michael and Willow decided there was far too much excitement going on in town, so they decided to have sex, which some creeping peeper watched from outside the gatehouse. If I had to guess I’d say it’s Chase, and he’s going to end up driving a wedge between Millow out of spite. Because hey, how else are we going to be forced to root for Millow!

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As usual, these are simply my opinions. Join the conversation by leaving yours in the comments.

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