Here’s Hoping General Hospital Just Paved the Way for Hayden’s Return — Plus, Will Carly Hand Back Power to Sonny?

May 10 - 14:

Nikolas scares Hayden out of Port Charles

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We are in the thick of May Wweeps and General Hospital has been on fire. Between Peter’s desperation, Jason and Britt on the run, and Nikolas getting a big shock, things have been really exciting… except in poor Nixon Falls.

An Ominous Warning of Things We Hope to Come!

With Jason on the lam, Cyrus warned Peter that he probably had about a week at most before Jason offed him. Of course, the smug spawn of Faison was certain he’d be fine. We can only hope Cyrus’ words come true and someone finally takes Peter out! But will the writers really kill him off? I have my doubts…

Cyrus warns Peter he'll be dead soon at Metro Court General Hospital

Of course, Peter’s main concern right now is Maxie and the baby. The nurse Maxie wanted to hire became the latest casualty of Peter’s, as he did something nefarious with her and swapped her out for one who works for him, played by Guiding Light alum Kimberly J. Brown. This storyline is working my every last nerve! I commented last week that I thought Peter was setting up to kidnap Maxie or the baby and run, and the prince of slime confirmed this plan to the fake nurse. I want to see Peter as dead as most of the viewers, but I am starting to think that won’t happen. Peter fleeing with the baby, leaving behind Maxie, and this storyline dragging out even longer is more likely to happen. However, Dr. Navarro put a damper on Peter and Maxie’s plans suggesting they induce Maxie into labor immediately.

Fugitives on the Run

Dante officially rejoined the force and got a dashing new haircut and a shave to celebrate. However, the suit he was wearing threw me off, as he looked more like one of the men in black than a PCPD detective. Sam and Dante continued to remain at odds when it came to locating and bringing Jason in, and Sam distracted him with some slashed tires so she could locate Jason on her own and try and run away with him.

Britt complains to Jason in barn General Hospital

Many JaSam fans are not happy with this storyline, but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve also really come to love Britt. I adored that she opened up to Jason about her fears that she may have Huntington’s Disease like her father and that she never got the test done to see if she had it, which she told her mother she did. They simply can’t kill off Britt after all they’ve done to reform her. And Jason putting Sam in her place and telling her that she was not coming with him was epic. I was glad to see Sam acknowledge Jason was right, and if she was caught with him then she’d be back in prison for violating her parole. Come on Sam, you separated yourself from Jason and his world to protect and put the kids first, which Carly reminded you of brutally this week, and yet the first chance you get you are willing to throw it all away.

So You Bought a Prison

After the disastrous family dinner with Cyrus, Nikolas realized Cyrus might not keep his end of their deal to protect Alexis. So what does Nikolas do? He buys Pentonville to keep his aunt safe. Only on a soap can someone buy a prison! And why didn’t he just do that to begin with? Of course, the whole point of this plot development was for Nikolas to learn his aunt has convinced Shawn to try for parole and clear his name in shooting Hayden. We know what he doesn’t, that Nikolas hired the man who shot her. Heck, even Hayden knew it, and she tried to use it as part of her fake amnesia scheme after the shooting. I am hoping that this storyline will finally bring Hayden back to Port Charles.

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Another Baby on the Way

So a sprinkling of Sasha last week at the hospital hinted that something could be really wrong with her. Now we have learned that she’s pregnant, and Brando is the father. Unfortunately, Gladys overheard her on the phone with her doctor discussing morning sickness, and jumped to the completely wrong conclusion that Cyrus was the baby daddy. Oh brother! I’m adding Gladys to the list along with Peter and Cyrus of people who just need to go! It’s time for a natural disaster in Port Charles and all three of them fall into a lava-filled crevice that opens up in the center of town.

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Lucky to Be Alive

Trina calling out Cam for being lucky to be alive due to the color of his skin after his armed standoff with Jordan was an excellent scene and beautifully acted by Sydney Mikayla. I’ve sung this young actress’ praise several times and still hope to see her up for a Daytime Emmy. Maybe this will be her year. And the discussion between Portia and Jordan about the broken system and struggling to protect their children was very powerful. I really like the friendship between them, but there is still something looming between Portia and Curtis that could turn everything upside down. The show has been having Curtis and Portia take a lot of trips down memory lane, and it isn’t for nothing. I like Portia and Curtis far more than I do him with Jordan, but I’m not looking forward to how Jordan and Trina will react then they inevitably end up in bed together.

Trina upset with Cam GH

PCU Here They Come

Jax and Carly finally convinced Joss to stop whining about Southern Coastal University and pick a school so she stopped selfishly depriving other waitlisted kids of getting in. She predictably chose PCU, and is going to be rooming with Trina. I’m sure Cam will end up there as well, and who knows, maybe Spencer too. I would love to see Spencer, who is being mentioned more and more, back home.

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“Mike” Mucks It Up

“Mike” and Nina’s plan to prove Elijah was involved in the town robberies predictably went wrong. While the creepy Elijah was busy trying to put the moves on Nina, which was just uncomfortable to watch, “Mike” tripped an alarm breaking into his office. I guess those master criminal skills aren’t still there. But in the end, Nina was able to go back and break into his computer, though watching it play out gave me a headache because it wasn’t if she was going to get caught, but how long before she was caught by Elijah. And she was! But she also left her earring behind knowing she could use it as an excuse.

Back in Port Charles

Watching Carly and Jax bicker over Joss’ safety and Carly’s action was snooze-worthy, save for the aha moment Jax had when he realized Carly liked taking over and being the new Sonny. When Sonny returns, it would be really interesting if Carly insists on being his true partner in the business. With this taste of power, there is no way Carly is going to want to give it all up… even for and to Sonny. Though Diane echoed Jax’s words to her about thinking about her children’s safety, the lawyer actually seemed to get through to her. I guess we’ll have to see what Carly chooses to do next!

Carly is the target GH

Before hitting the comments to share your thoughts, join us in remembering one of General Hospital‘s most legendary characters, Lila Quartermaine, and her late portrayer, Anna Lee.

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