Jason’s Escape With Britt Made For a Thrilling Week on General Hospital — And Carly Delivered Another Magnificent Blow to Cyrus

May 3 - 7

Britt operates on Jason GH

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This was one of the best weeks on General Hospital this year so far, so let’s just dive into all the action and drama!

The Wrath of The Britch

Carly’s plan to break Jason out of the hospital hit a predictable snag because when Carly is involved, things often don’t go as planned. Jason going back to save Britt from Cyrus’ men, watching them kick butt together, and Jason getting shot in the process made for a thrilling start to the week. Britt really has some moves! Jason and Britt proved they make an awesome team. Unfortunately Dante and Sam, not so much. We’ll get to them soon enough.

Britt and Jason at safe house General Hospital

Even though we knew the show wouldn’t dare kill off Jason, watching Britt race to perform surgery to save him still made for more great drama. Britt and Jason’s connection continues to make me smile, and Britt too. I adored Britt’s smitten look on her face when she overheard Jason defending her to Spinelli and telling him not to call her The Britch. And now that they are on the lam together, fans of this duo should hopefully have a lot more adventure to look forward to.

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Cam’s Close Call

Cam picking up one of Cyrus’ men’s guns while going after Jason left everyone wondering if he had maybe shot Jason and blocked it out. It really added to the overall awesomeness of the week, and I was on pins and needles waiting for Jordan to get to the bottom of the evidence. In the end, Cam didn’t pull the trigger but did learn from Scott and Liz that Peter, not Jason, killed Franco. So Cam is now added to the long list of people who know the truth about Peter… and has a motive to kill him if and when that happens.

Cam armed with gun GH

It was great to see Cam wrestling with the fact that he had been so wrong about everything, and not understanding why he couldn’t hear Joss when she told him that he was wrong. I liked seeing him admit this to her, but their friendship may be permanently damaged due to his out-of-control anger. I really hope this puts an end to the clenched fist, gritting teeth, angry Cam that we’ve been watching over the last few weeks. I miss the days of Cam, Trina, and Joss’ friendship.

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The Meeting is Called to Order

With Jason down, Carly was forced to step up and attend the meeting of the five families in his place. Watching her walk into the meeting in that smart white dress and high heels, and seeing Cyrus’ jaw hit the floor, was such a tasty treat. I’m actually really enjoying Carly in charge, and you could see the figurative steam coming out of Cyrus’ ears when she convinced the families to give her, not Cyrus, Sonny’s seat at the table. Finally, this storyline with Cyrus is getting good. And Carly taking out one of his shipments was an epic power move. However, we know he’s not going to sit on his hands and do nothing. He’ll strike back, and hard.

Carly makes a promise GH

After the successful meeting, Carly indulged in some of Sonny’s scotch and had a chat with the supposedly dead don. Now I know we are supposed to draw the conclusion that this was all in her head, and probably a coping mechanism, but with Sonny actually alive… For some reason, these scenes weren’t working for me. And from some posts on social media, I wasn’t alone. They just felt off because we know Sonny’s alive. However, the ending to Friday’s show, with Carly sitting in Sonny’s chair ready to take over the business, was a great way to end the episode.

Dante’s New Gig

Dante rejoining the force, even if just temporarily for the time being as a favor to Mac, felt right. Dante has just been floating with no purpose since his return to Port Charles, and now it feels like he’s himself again. Unfortunately, it’s immediately put him at odds with his new bestie Sam, who has an aversion to everything cops. Even with Jason no longer officially in her life, he still is, and he’s still creating drama for her. However it appears their is still hope, and Dante’s smirk at Sam’s devil drawing of him was precious.

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No Good Elijah

Up in good ole Nixon Falls, after successfully ushering Joss, Trina and Jax out of town before they could find Sonny, Nina finally began to question what in the heck she was doing. Not only in regards to hiding Sonny from his family, but also the fact that she clearly sees something developing between her and “Mike.” Nina really needs to pull herself together and do the right thing before she does something even worse than she’s done so far. Meanwhile, “Mike’s” hunches about Elijah were dead on and he was involved in the attempted robbery of the barn dance. I mean, was anyone surprised? I can’t fathom where this is going, and I still don’t know why I should care about this town. It’s become its own separate little show of its own, not really connected to any of the other plotlines save for the the players involved.

Mike distrusts Elijah GH

Peter’s Next Move

We almost had a Peter-free week until his royal sliminess turned up on Friday. He made a cryptic call to someone about the nurse Maxie chose to hire, and that it was now all up to Maxie. I’m going back to my original hunch on this storyline and that Peter is planning to kidnap baby Louise and run, either with or without Maxie.

As always, these are simply my opinions. Join the conversation by leaving yours in the comments.

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