Ava, Carly and Laura Teaming Up Against Cyrus Is the General Hospital Dream Team We Didn’t Know We Needed

April 26 - 30:

Carly, Ava and Laura team up on GH

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From the predictable in Nixon Falls, to trouble with the five families brewing in Port Charles, and the upcoming baby switch we could see coming from a mile away, there was a lot happening on General Hospital this week, so let’s just dive right in!

Peter Comes Through… Sort Of!

After Anna pleaded her case to Maxie, her god-daughter softened towards Anna and agreed to help her by seeing Peter. I was glad to see this. Last week I commented how everyone under the sun had been blasting Anna as of late for her mistakes regarding Peter, but she wasn’t the only one Henrik managed to fool. Even Finn apologized for his outburst, but Anna is rightly owning her mistakes and her part in Chase’s situation.

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Unfortunately, the antidote that Peter provided Anna only seemed to be a temporary fix to the poison. This begs the question, is Peter still playing games and holding onto the full cure, or did he really think that was the antidote? Now nobody thinks they are going to kill off detective sexy pants, but the thought of the latter would make for a great story because Peter would have lost some major leverage over Anna if he royally screwed up the antidote. The scenes of Finn struggling to save Chase, and kissing his “son” on his head as he lay there helpless, were amazingly acted by Michael Easton. But I think we all know eventually it will be revealed Cyrus switched those paternity test results. Which again makes me wonder, what happened to that second DNA test Finn ran? In all fairness, he is preoccupied with another matter.

Willow visits Chase at General Hospital

A New Romance… Or a Big Mistake?

It seems blatantly obvious that the writers are pushing something between broken-hearted Finn and newly widowed Liz. Even viewers commented that they aren’t even trying to be subtle about it. However, will this pairing work? Soaps have always been incestuous when it comes to everyone sleeping with everyone at some point, but Liz hooking up with her sister’s former flame and her niece’s daddy just seems wrong. Plus we know Roger Howarth is soon to resurface as someone other than Franco, and I can’t wait to see how they explain yet another doppelganger in Port Charles.

Meanwhile, Liz’s conversation and mention of her long-absent father Jeff Weber has me thinking that Cameron Mathison, who is about to hit town, could be a recast of her brother Steve. Liz definitely needs more family in town, and I’m still holding out hope for Hayden’s return at some point. All that would be missing was their dad.

The Baby Con

The baby swap between Maxie and Brook Lynn seems to be going full steam ahead, but I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for them to pull off. And as much as I want to see Maxie free from Peter, I feel bad for Valentin who is going to be the one really hurt by this scam. Not only is he going to be hurt, that hurt will also likely turn to rage which he’ll take out on the Quartermaines and ELQ most likely. In the end, this is going to blow up in Brook Lynn’s face. And of course, viewers are wondering the same thing I am, and that is how long will they drag this swap out?

The Odd Couples

Obrecht and Scott have proven to be the couple we didn’t know we needed until we were given them. They are oddly adorable together. Laura’s shock at seeing them flirting, and Britt’s reaction to realizing her mom and Scotty were canoodling, were both priceless.

Then there is the other odd couple, Jason and Britt. These two strangely have a connection on screen that works. When he took her trembling hand to calm her it was a touching moment, as was her admiration for Jason allowing Cam to direct his anger at him instead of Peter. I hope we get back to that hand storyline and learn what is wrong with Britt soon. I was also glad to see Carly stop her sniping at and work with Britt, if only because Jason trusts her.

Jason confronts Britt about Peter on GH

Family Matters

So Cyrus has gone from crying about his missing mommy to whining that his sister doesn’t want a relationship with him. Why can’t this man just accept his family hates him and move on?  Meanwhile, Cyrus’ veiled comment about Avery’s resemblance to her late father was downright creepy but is probably one of the most villain-like moves he’s made in a while. Ava going to Carly and Laura to offer her help, and the three of them working together to deal with Cyrus was a shock, but a good one. These three powerful women working together to take down the ponytail mobster should be a lot of fun, and I’m all for it. I really like seeing Laura getting the chance to show herself as the strong female she is. And watching Ava put Carly in her place, render her pretty much speechless, and Carly more or less admitting she needed Ava’s help was a glorious moment.

Senior Dilemmas

While Cam is obviously hurting in the wake of Franco’s death, watching him lash out at everyone, including Joss, has gotten really old. At least some progress was made on what appeared to be a long-dropped storyline when Trina fessed up to Joss that Dev stole her diary and showed it to Cam, but she stopped short of explaining what Cam thought Joss wrote about him in it.

Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania

Naturally Jax, after being shot and seeing Sonny for a hot second, concluded it couldn’t have been him because he’s dead. But the real Doh! moment came when it became quite apparent that “Mike” is developing feelings for Nina when he looked thrilled that Phyllis didn’t think Nina had a future with Jax. And it looks like Nina might want to keep Jax and others from interfering with her Nixon Falls life because she might have feelings for “Mike.” Then there is “Mike” and Elijah’s feud, which is equally frustrating to watch play out. This whole storyline is a powder keg one spark away from exploding, and I hope someone soon lights the match and puts an end to it. Hopefully, Joss and Trina’s arrival in town will be that spark.

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