Peter Poisoning Chase on General Hospital Is the Final Straw, Many Fans Want Him Gone — and Here’s How It Should Happen!

April 12 - 16:

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Another week on General Hospital, and somehow Peter has gotten away with another crime. Many viewers have had it! Peter and Chase’s poisoning definitely ate up a lot of airtime. In this column, I suggest the perfect way to take him out. Meanwhile, Michael and Willow’s plans are predictably on hold, but now that she’s a free woman, Sasha’s moving full steam ahead. And Sonny’s storyline is still moving at a snail’s pace.

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The Problem With Peter

Some have been holding out hope that Peter can be redeemed, and even work things out with Maxie. After his latest stunt, poisoning Chase and threatening to withhold the antidote unless Anna and Valentin played by his rules, well it seems unlikely that’s going to happen. Many just want Peter gone, and preferably dead at this point. If he does finally go to jail, there is always a point in the future for him to become a Faison type of villain who comes and goes from time to time causing trouble. However, with an ever-growing list of people who hate Peter, his death really looks eminent.

Should the soap opera hold another Nurses Ball this May, when they’ve normally held it before the pandemic shut them down last year, that would be the perfect venue at which to finally kill Peter. It would bring everyone who wants him dead together, and it would be poetic justice. You’ll recall that it was at last year’s ball when Peter was on cloud nine when Maxie accidentally revealed over a live mic that she was pregnant. Peter simply can’t keep getting away with terrorizing Port Charles and not pay the piper. It’s ridiculous that Alexis is in prison and Peter is running around free!

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Cyrus’ Mommy

I’ve made no secret that the fact that all Cyrus has been doing for months is crying for his mommy to be returned makes him look like a weenie of a soap opera villain. By Friday’s show, this storyline finally took a turn for the better. Watching Anna order Carly not to even think about returning Florence to him was amazing because someone finally seemed to shut Carly up! Then there was the meeting between Valentin, Anna and Cyrus, and you could hear the wheels turning in their heads as to how to exploit one another. Martin telling his brother that he could have warned him to duck with all the glares shooting back and forth between them was hysterical and is one of the reasons I’ve really come to like his character. He’s been given some great lines as of late.

Millow on Hold

In my last column, I pondered how Michael and Willow were each other’s endgame, and they wasted no time making it official. They not only professed their love but immediately planned to move in together. Of course, this is a soap, so we all knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. With Chase hospitalized due to Peter’s poison, Willow hasn’t mustered up the courage to tell him that she wants a future with Michael and not him. And with Chase’s situation growing worse by the minute, who knows how long it’s going to take her to rip off this bandaid. I’m at least happy that this unfortunate situation has brought Finn, Chase and Gregory closer.

willow wants to tell chase about michael gh

Love in the Garage

It didn’t take long for Sasha to get over Michael and under Brando! These two have been dancing around one another for a long time, and they definitely have chemistry. However Sasha is still new to recovery, and the rules say not to get into a relationship, especially with another addict, in your first year. I can’t help but worry this will come between them at some point. Then there is Gladys, who at first seemed to be pushing her son towards Sasha, but by the end of the week almost seemed like she disapproved. Why does this stink of Cyrus?

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Breaking up Is Hard to Do

Curtis’ new career seems to be opening his eyes to a completely new life and future for him, one without Jordan. He wasted no time in deciding to make their separation permanent and asked Jordan for a divorce. Honestly, I didn’t shed a proverbial tear over this break-up. He and Jordan hadn’t been working as a couple for a long time, and Jordan always puts her job above him. With Shawn Butler heading back to the canvas, I could see him reconnecting with both Jordan and TJ. Meanwhile, I really want to see Portia and Curtis grow closer. They light up the screen when they are together, and I’m still convinced Trina is really his daughter. And I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but where is Aunt Stella and her lectures when these characters need her?

Jordan and Curtis talk about their relationship at club General Hospital

Nixon Falls… the Town Nobody Goes To

As much as I actually enjoy Lenny and Phyllis, and especially Phyllis’ friendship with Nina, there is a reason Nixon Falls is going down the tubes… It’s boring! I don’t care about Elijah or his scheme, outside of I don’t want to see him hurt Phyllis and Lenny. The show seems to be hinting that something between Nina and “Mike” might happen, but I hope they don’t go there… which means they probably will. Nina is going to be in enough trouble when the truth that she kept his identity from him comes out, and his family finds out he’s alive and she didn’t tell them. As with Peter’s hopeful downfall, the writers need to wrap this storyline up for May sweeps.

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Women Behind Bars

Last week I praised the stand-alone Alexis episode and Nancy Lee Grahn’s performance. I was also thrilled that it seemed like Alexis was finally finding her purpose and getting her mojo back. However, first, we have to watch the predictable prison storyline with Alexis having to deal with the stereotypical Big Bertha-type prison bully. It’s 2021, let’s ditch these stock prison characters and storylines. This isn’t the arc many Alexis fans want for her.

alexis is confronted in prison gh

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