General Hospital Is Hitting us Over the Head With Hints of Another Baby Swap — Which Is Far Too Similar to the Last One

April 5 - 9:

Maxie runs into Brook Lynn at General Hospital

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This week General Hospital aired an amazing tribute to Nancy Lee Grahn for her 25 years of playing Alexis Davis. It looks like a predictable baby swap is going to happen, and there was one less couple in town after this week’s events. By Friday, things were going terribly wrong for Peter, and it’s about time.

Another Baby Swap Storyline Is Coming?

Last week I wrote about how Maxie’s plan to convince Peter that their baby, when its born, is stillborn could blow up in her face. I was additionally surprised that Britt agreed to help her pull it off. It was also noted how some viewers were speculating there may be a baby swap between Brook Lynn and Maxie, which I really hoped wouldn’t happen. Well now with the revelation that Brook Lynn is not pregnant, it almost certainly looks like Britt and Maxie will team up with Brook Lynn to pass Maxie and Peter’s baby to her to play off as hers and Valentin’s.

Brook Lynn gives a warning GH

I’m conflicted on how I feel about this, should it come to fruition. If we hadn’t just seen such a similar story with Nelle, Michael, Brad, Willow and Wiley, well then I might be more willing to entertain this one. The fact that this direction, should the show take it, is easy to spot a mile away is a bit of a letdown. I hope if they go this route that there is another major twist coming. I actually was looking forward to Brook Lynn and Valentin being bonded through a child because I found their relationship before Brook Lynn left for Bensonhurst to be refreshing. Now she’s back to square one with her scheming and plotting.

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It’s All Falling Apart for Peter

Watching Peter’s plans fall apart was one of the highlights for me, but it may come at the cost of an innocent bystander. To strike back at Anna, Peter attempted to poison Finn while he was out to dinner with his family. Unfortunately, they played a game the boys loved as kids when they’d mix up their drinks for a big surprise. Someone is going to get a big surprise for sure! We can only hope this will lead to a medical crisis, and that somehow it will come out that Finn and Chase are not father and son after all. Whatever became of that second test Finn ordered anyway? Suddenly these DNA tests are taking forever!

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By the end of the week, Anna and Valentin pulled guns on Peter to make sure he wouldn’t hurt anyone else. What an amazing double cliffhanger. I can’t wait for Monday’s episode, which is how every week on a soap should end.

Millow is Clearly the Endgame

With Michael and Sasha calling it quits, it frees Sasha up to walk away from this messy quadrangle and perhaps see where things with Brando can go. That leaves Willow having to choose between Michael and Chase. The writing seems to be on the wall for Willow and Chase, with Michael and Willow being each other’s endgame.

Sasha Michael split up GH

I originally wanted Chase and Willow to reunite, but given how slowly this storyline has been moving, I find I’m no longer even a little bit invested in it anymore. If they free up Chase then perhaps he can find some happiness with Brook Lynn down the road. At this point, he deserves better than listening to Willow constantly talk about Michael whenever they are together.

Those Crazy Cassadines

I was so glad to see Nikolas point out to his Uncle Cyrus that he should think twice about threatening his family because the Cassadines are a different level of crazy. Oh, how I would love to see Cyrus go off the turret at Wyndemere! Now thanks to Cyrus threatening Alexis in Pentonville, Nikolas feels forced to bargain with him and try and return his mother.

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As I’ve noted time and time again, watching Cyrus whine for his mommy is not what is expected from big bad soap villains. At this point, I am hoping Carly predictably does something rash and goes against Jason and just returns Florence to Cyrus to stop his crying. Right now Cyrus’ storyline just seems as stuck as Florence is in that home being cared for by Bobbie.

A Very Special Episode

Though I’m usually not a fan of stand-alone character-focused episodes, the one honoring Nancy Lee Grahn and Alexis was fantastic and had me misty-eyed by the end of the hour. I absolutely loved that we finally got some resolution to the long-forgotten watch storyline, and they built a backstory about Mikkos gifting it to Kristen as a young Alexis looked on. Of course, it took the devastating turn we knew it would, but it was great seeing Alexis face the truth about how her past and that one Christmas Eve forever changed the course of her life.

young alexis memory GH

By the end of this episode not only had Alexis resolved some more of the demons from her Cassadine past, but she seemed to have gotten her mojo back. Yes, Alexis seems to be coming out of the rut she’s been in since Julian took that knife to her throat. While I’m still not sure I’m looking forward to her prison storyline, at least Alexis has a more positive outlook on her future and is working to find her new purpose. Part of me still hopes her final redemption will be the return of her law license somehow.

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