Will General Hospital Really Send Alexis to Prison — and If So, Will She Meet Up With [Spoiler]?

March 29 - April 2:

Alexis is willing to accept her punishement in court General Hospital

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In last week’s General Hospital soapbox, I commented that slowly but surely they were pitting more people against Peter. This week the show took the training wheels off and had half the town threatening him to his face, if not plotting behind his back. It’s time to rip off that band aid and finish Peter, though likely that will be saved for May sweeps. Sonny’s story is still moving at a snail’s pace, but there were plenty of surprises in court this week.

Everyone Hates Peter — and Knows He Killed Franco

Pretty much everyone in town, save for Cam, now suspects the secret Peter hysterically went so far as to team up with Cyrus to protect that he killed Franco. Well, Liz doesn’t, but she’s beginning to entertain the idea that Jason is innocent. Honestly, some of the people teaming up have been pretty surprising, while other’s plans are questionable.

Carly working with Anna and Valentin, to free Jason and prove Peter guilty, so far has been my favorite team-up. It’s been amazing to finally get meaty scenes between real-life lovers Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey as their on-screen counterparts Carly and Peter threatened one another. They were really good at getting nasty in each other’s faces. Please oh please, can we see Carly slap Peter? And then the behind-the-scenes of that?

Peter threatens Carly GH

Anna shockingly confirmed everything she pretty much knew and suspected about Peter to her arch-nemesis, who then informed Scott that it was Peter and not Jason who killed their beloved Franco. Obrecht is always on fire when she’s on-screen, but she’s been so much fun in her scenes with Scott lately. And Friday’s episode brought a huge surprise when we discovered that Scott and Obrecht shtupped multiple times after getting drunk and remembering Franco. I’ve wanted to see Obrecht get a love story for years now, and she and Scott could make an amazing comedic couple. Think of The Nurses Ball possibilities!

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I do wish Britt had stuck to her original guns regarding Maxie’s plan to try and convince Peter that their child is stillborn. It really is a terrible plan, and if Peter manages to avoid jail or getting killed, I could see him locating that child and absconding with it. Other fans are speculating a baby swap between Maxie’s child and Brook Lynn’s, especially given they are both about to pop. After two years of putting up with the Wiley swap storyline, another baby switch is the last thing this soap opera needs.

Obrecht and Scott slept together GH

If someone eventually kills Peter, I’m going out on a limb and guessing it’ll be young Cameron. Cam’s directing his anger at Jason, but when the truth comes out, I could see him taking out Peter. Of course, I really hope if the show kills Peter that we get a good whodunnit story out of it.

Several Have Their Day in Court

Port Charles’ courtroom sure saw a lot of traffic this week. Pushed by Trina and Jordan, Taggert changed his plea in framing Cyrus to not-guilty, and pending a trial, has been released into Jordan’s custody. Now they are working to bring Cyrus down for good, and legally this time. I’m ninety-nine percent sure if anyone brings Cyrus down it won’t be these two without serious help from someone else. Jordan couldn’t find a needle if it was lying next to a haystack and a big arrow was pointing at it.

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Alexis’ decision to take responsibility for her actions and plead guilty to attacking Dante went about as well as one could guess, with her getting three years in prison. Poor Alexis just can’t catch a break, can she? If the show really does send her to prison, I’m envisioning some women-behind-bars-nightmare storyline for her.

Jason denied Bail GH

Meanwhile, Jason had his bail hearing and is also off to prison pending his trial. With Jason and Alexis both headed to Pentonville, will one or both run into an old friend? News dropped that Sean Blakemore is returning to General Hospital as Shawn Butler, who’s been locked up there for years without so much as a peep. Add in Brad and Ryan and it’s an all-around Port Charles reunion.

Snoozing in Nixon Falls

Sonny and Nina’s story continues down a predictable route that still has me scratching my head. While it’s nice seeing a different side of Sonny, we all know eventually he will remember his past. Until then, it really appears, with some pushing from Phyllis, that Nina and “Mike” may fall for each other. Mike is still fixated on the blonde of his dreams, and Nina is still hurting from all the betrayal she’s dealt with and vulnerable. Is this a pairing anyone wants to watch play out? And don’t get me started on Elijah… Why should we be invested in a guy trying to take over a town that isn’t Port Charles?

These are only my thoughts. Please join the conversation by sharing yours in the comments.

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