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Deconstructing GH: A good week side-lined by adding to a bloated cast

June 5 - 9:

There were a lot of good performance this week from Valentin, Nina and Ava. The return of Spencer and Cam was a nice surprise, though they need a better storyline. On the downside, “General Hospital” added to their already bloated cast with a questionable character.

No pity for Ava.
Ava lying in her bed covered in burns and begging Sonny to end her life and kill her was such a powerful scene. So was her hallucinating her own image, which taunted her and pushed her to give up and die. One of the reasons I like Ava is because she’s such a complex character. You can go from hating her, to cheering for her, to wishing her dead, and finally feeling sorry for her. I felt sorry for Ava, and as Jason said, she’s been punished enough given the future she now faces. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to be enough for Carly and Sonny, who were busy gathering evidence in order to have Ava prosecuted. Even Kiki was finding it hard to find any sympathy for her, but was there for Ava when her mother was hanging on by a thread. Only Griffin showed her compassion, and that’s probably the priest in him. I’m sure though through the genius of Dr. Finn that Ava will be back to normal in no time when he invents a revolutionary new skin graft inspired by his pet lizard Roxy.

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Blasts from Valentin’s past.
Valentin faced his past in more ways than one this week. His attempt to run with Charlotte was a spectacular failure, and when he faced losing everything he broke down. Like Ava, I like Valentin because he can invoke so many emotions in the viewer. When he saw his face in the cracked mirror and harkened back to his deformity it was a heartbreaking moment. Later, when he thought he couldn’t possibly lose anything else, Nina appeared and served him with divorce papers. Her mentioning how unlike the first time she turned him in that this time he wouldn’t escape the charges against him was a nice nod to their initial meeting. Even actress Michelle Stafford felt bad and apologized to James Patrick Stuart on Twitter for divorcing him! Valentin-Alex-station-GH-XJJ However just when things looked darkest, a ray of hope appeared. I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH that the case against Valentin rested on Alex, and without her he’d likely go free. Alex realized the same thing, managed to escape from the WBS, and told Valentin to keep his mouth shut and they’d have to let him go.

Danger Sam, danger!
Sam attempted to relax by getting a massage, but a little voice in her head kept telling her that her family was in danger. Oh boy, is Helena’s curse still in play? I still believe she’s out there and not really dead. Meanwhile, Julian and Alexis had another bonding moment when Julian finally met Scout and Alexis allowed him to hold his granddaughter. I kept waiting for Sam to show up and scream at her mother, but it never happened. Julian was looking mighty fine in that beard though. It must have superpowers because Alexis seemed to be falling all over him.

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The Finn and Hayden merry-go-round.
Just when Finn and Hayden had found their happy place, Obrecht reared her ugly head and tampered with his latest drug screening. Why in the hell are they not using two separate labs at this point given the tampering taking place that they already blamed Brad for? Meanwhile, Hayden attempted to learn what life as a mother would be like by sitting for Spencer and Cameron. Yes, Cameron was back and the show hasn’t SORASed him . . . yet. Apparently, Hayden never got the memo that Spencer and Cam don’t like one another, and she was left caught in the middle of a food fight. Reviving their rivalry over Emma, who doesn’t even live in Port Charles anymore, made me roll my eyes. Still, I loved seeing Hayden reunited with Spencer. I adored their relationship when she was still with Nikolas.

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More unnecessary characters.
I have nothing against Vernee Watson, who debuted this week as Curtis’ Aunt Stella. She is actually a great actress and an asset to the show. However, I find it hard to care about Curtis and Jordan as a couple, so introducing her as a thorn in their side is more of a pain in the ass for viewers. Fans often complain about the overly bloated “GH” cast enough, and the show continues to introduce characters that aren’t needed!

These are only my opinions on the week. Please leave yours in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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