Nina’s Predictable Actions Drag Out Sonny’s Amnesia Plot on General Hospital — Much to Viewers’ Dismay

March 22- 26:

Sonny likes Nina on GH

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They often say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, and currently, that’s how it feels watching General Hospital. The month started off with Peter’s crimes being exposed, the big reveal that Finn MAY BE Chase’s father, and Franco’s shocking death. Now it feels like the stories have stalled and we are forced to wait for the next big bomb to drop and advance things.  

Who Didn’t See That Coming?

If you thought Nina finding Sonny at The Tan-O meant Sonny’s ridiculous amnesia plot was about to end, well I have an amazing bridge in Port Charles to sell you! Honestly, I can’t even hold it against Nina at this point, because she tried to do the right thing and tell Carly. Of course, Carly shot off her mouth as usual instead of listening and assumed Nina was calling to threaten her over Wiley. At the same time, Nina’s decision, egged on unknowingly by “Mike’s” idea to keep something from Carly to teach her a lesson, means we have to suffer this storyline longer.

At least Nina told Sonny that she’s not the woman he’s dreaming of, which hopefully means she’s not going to try and seduce Sonny as part of whatever she is planning. But there just seems no way that Nina can come out a winner in this storyline, because no matter how you cut it, she’s keeping Sonny from his family. In the end, that’s all Carly and Michael will see.

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Make Way for Mama

Brook Lynn wasted no time jumping back into her same old games and schemes, against Michael and Ned’s advice, and plans to use her baby to get Valentin to fork over ELQ back to her family. It’s not a bad plan, but everything she plans seems to blow up in her face. At least after Martin’s advice, Valentin tried to be the better man and reach out to Brook Lynn without his Kentucky fried lawyer resorting to threatening her.

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The New Nightclub in Town

Curtis’ new place isn’t even open, but so far it’s the seat of a lot of happening action. Cam, with help from Laura and Trina, was able to finally express his grief over losing Franco in a song. Watching him perform, and Laura and Liz’s reaction, was just another punch to the gut when it comes to Franco’s shocking and unnecessary murder.

It was nice to see Trina reach out and apologize to Curtis for directing her anger over her father at him, but it was Curtis and Portia’s scenes that had sparks flying. As they discussed their past relationship and mistakes, it seemed obvious that Portia never really got over Curtis, and he still cares for her. I remain convinced that Trina, who never followed up on that local hit with the ancestry kit she did, is Curtis’ kid. However, I don’t know if the writers ever plan on returning to that plot point and playing it out. It’s a shame because it would really shake things up between them.

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Broken Record

I said it in last week’s soapbox, and am going to sound like a broken record, but watching Cyrus and Peter get away with everything is not exactly tune-in material. At least nobody believes Peter is any kind of a good person anymore, except maybe Peter who is living in his own delusional world where he still expects to be happy with Maxie. It was nice to see Anna suggest Peter be considered a suspect in Franco’s murder, and Valentin snapping at Peter and telling him he doesn’t deserve to be a father was epic. By Friday both Sam and Britt had deduced that Peter framed Jason and look to be teaming up in how to deal with him. Slowly, very slowly, it feels as if they are pushing half the cast to the breaking point that one may finally kill Peter off. It’s too bad Obrecht can’t clicker-train all of them to complete the mission.

Cyrus gives warning GH

As for Cyrus, it’s hard to take him seriously as this big bad villain because all he does is cry for his missing mommy. If his mommy actually wanted anything to do with Cyrus then maybe this storyline would make a little more sense. But we know, and he knows, that his mother loathes him. But by Friday it appeared that Carly was ready to return his mommy in exchange for freeing Jason, which would be some kind of positive progress!

As always, these are only my thoughts. Please join the conversation by sharing yours in the comments.

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