Franco’s Death Stunned General Hospital Viewers — the Twist We Didn’t See Coming

March 8 - 12:

Franco dead GH

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After last week’s insane ride on General Hospital with Peter being exposed, we didn’t think things could get any wilder. Well, we were wrong, and many viewers were left stung and heartbroken by the latest turn of events. More secrets continued to come out, and Sonny was back, but his storyline is still as stale as ever.

Friz Fans Left Devastated

In last week’s soapbox, I praised the twist of Franco kidnapping Peter and pondered how amazing it would be if Jason and Franco teamed up to take Peter down for good. Well, the writers had other plans and in a shocking turn of events, that few likely saw coming, after a struggle over a gun Franco was left shot straight to the chest and deader than a doornail! And to just add insult to injury, Peter was able to delete the recording off Franco’s phone of his confession, rush off, and Jason was left as the prime suspect in Franco’s murder.

Fans of Liz and Franco have been hoping for a miracle regarding his brain tumor, but killing the character off this way felt pointless and hollow. Especially seeing all they went through to be a family and the fact that Peter is still free to do as he wants. The show made sure that we know Franco is dead by having Cam come face to face with his body in the morgue. There seems to be no bringing Franco back with a faked death.

The show wasted no time in revealing that somehow Roger Howarth will remain with the show. It’s not the first time an actor has come back in a new role with a familiar face, heck Howarth was one of them, but the viewers definitely need time to process Franco’s death. I’m going to find it tough to watch Howarth on the show if he’s not Franco.

William Lipton and Becky Herbst were amazing as always as Cam and Liz, mourning their beloved Franco. Their performance just made the sting of Franco’s death that more heartbreaking. And Kin Shriner as Scott gave an equally brilliant yet devastating performance, reflecting on all the children he has lost. Daytime Emmy worthy performances all around!

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Blinded by the Light

One good thing that happened this week was Maxie stopped being blinded by her love for Peter. For a moment it seemed like she still wasn’t going to give up on him, and directed her anger at Anna instead of Peter. Thank the lord she finally saw Peter for who he is and sent him packing.

peter tries to reassure maxie gh

Sadly, Peter just returned to working at The Invader as if not much had happened. With no evidence to prove anyone’s claims against Peter, what now? At least Jason suspects Peter is the one who killed Franco. Anna and Peter’s confrontation was chilling, especially when he gloated to her that he was going to embrace his parents’ legacy and do whatever he wanted. Anna speaking of Faison’s obsession with her seems to be shadowing what could be to come for Peter and Maxie. I have long suspected Peter will kidnap Maxie in order to be with her and his child.

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At this point, there seems no way to turn Peter’s character around. Peter has been written into a corner, and the only thing left is for Peter to die. And pretty much all of Port Charles has a reason to take him out. Here is hoping someone takes the initiative to do it. We the viewers need justice for Drew, Franco, and Nathan. Peter has his hands in one too many deaths on this show to survive.

Maybe Baby Daddy

I really thought with all the truth bombs dropped last week that the writers would not have the paternity storyline involving Chase and Finn come out so soon, but that’s just what happened thanks to Gregory overhearing Jackie and Finn discussing their one night together. You’d think these people would know better to talk about secrets out in the open, or with their hotel door wide open.

Chase demands the truth GH

Everything hit a head when Chase saw messages from his mom, and about a DNA test, on Finn’s phone. Jackie and Finn finally fessed up to everything, leaving Chase devastated and furious. I was furious that we still didn’t get to learn the results of the test, and we have to wait until next week to find out the truth. Here is hoping nobody has tampered with the results in the meantime! Even if it turns out Gregory is Chase’s father, the damage has been done and nothing will ever be the same.

From the previews for Monday, it’s Chase’s turn to turn to Willow for support. The Chase, Willow and Michael triangle is definitely heating up, but poor Sasha seems to have just been left out in the cold. Hey, at least she has Brando to lean on.

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Sonny, er, Mike to the Rescue

Sonny, who thinks he’s Mike, was back on screen and more determined than ever to help Phyllis and Lenny after their bar was vandalized. The don pawned his rings in order to play in a poker game and won big time, but in the process has made several enemies. Bob, the guy he beat, was downright pissed! And Elijah, who wanted to buy the Tan-O, wasn’t happy that “Mike” thwarted his plans. At least Elijah has put in a call to someone to find out all they can about “Mike.” I’m still not sure why “Mike” isn’t moving heaven and earth to do that for himself? Also, his putting down a six-month deposit on room and board had me groaning. That better not be a clue that this amnesia storyline is going to go on that long. Someone find and save Sonny from this mess stat!

As always, these are only my opinion on the show. Please leave yours in the comments and join the conversation!

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