It Was a Great Week of General Hospital If You Aren’t a Peter Fan — Plus, *That* Friday Cliffhanger!

February 22 - 26:

Anna wants truth from Peter at home General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital we finally caught a break from the Sonny amnesia storyline, and are inching closer to what appears to be the downfall of Peter. There were also several Easter egg-like jokes sprinkled in the episodes to round out what was a riveting week.

Grandmother Showdown

It was so nice to see Michael, with Willow’s urging, do the right thing and take Willey to visit Nina. They were adorable together. Carly on the other hand seems to be transferring her feud with dead Nelle to her mother Nina. How dare she threaten to make sure Nina doesn’t see her grandson! I get that Carly is upset over Nina having the case of Nelle’s death reopened, but Carly dug her own grave there with her lies to the police. Watching Carly promise to keep Nina from Wiley if she didn’t get her act together was a low blow, but that’s how Carly rolls. I’m hoping Valentin actually comes through for Nina and finds a way to stick it to Carly and Jax.

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The Truth About Peter

It was a glorious week if you aren’t a Peter fan, as the truth about him is coming out in more ways than one. Seeing Anna stop living in denial about her nephew-son was long overdue, but even better was her and Valentin’s realization that it was up to them to stop Peter from hurting anyone else. Unfortunately, it looks like Dr. Obrecht will beat them to the punch.

Obrecht searches for evidence against Peter at Maxie's General Hospital

A few weeks back I pondered how amazing it would be if Obrecht intercepted the letter for Peter, and that there would be a video message from Alex on the USB drive, and my speculation came to fruition. If Obrecht succeeds in blowing his world apart, I fear how Peter will retaliate. It likely won’t be good! Obrecht was also in top form this week in her undercover get-up. Watching Obrecht and Britt teaming up against Peter has been so much fun. It really made me miss Obrecht and Nathan’s scenes together. I’m rooting for Obrecht to be the one who takes down Peter in the end.

The Big Wedding Day

The big double wedding day arrived, and nobody seemed happy about it, including several of the participants. I however have been watching with popcorn in hand for this event to go up in proverbial flames.

Finn’s day was complicated by the fact that the DNA results on whether he was Chase’s father or brother were in. It’s about time! That was the slowest DNA test I’ve seen on a soap in a long time. Unfortunately, Jackie convinced him not to look at the results, at least before the wedding, because it could destroy their family. I think we all know where this is headed, Jackie is going to switch the results! I really hope she doesn’t, as it’s such a tired trope that’s been done a million times over.

Finn ponders Chase GH ABC

Anna was prepared to bring Peter down, but Valentin cautioned her that revealing the truth could set events in motion leading to Peter’s death. Naturally, they don’t want to see Peter dead, though I gander a big chunk of the viewing audience would be down for it. I’m on pins and needles waiting to see how Anna keeps Maxie from marrying Peter if they don’t reveal the truth.

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Something I never in a million years expected to see was Maxie herself having doubts about the wedding. All it seems to have taken was James referring to Peter as daddy, and Maxie feeling she didn’t have Nathan’s blessing to marry him. Score one for Nathan’s ghost! Maxie went to his grave, where she had a shocking encounter setting up Friday’s big cliffhanger. I’m betting from the teasers of Maxie screaming, “Peter isn’t the man you think he is!” that it’s none other than Mutter Obrecht come to deliver the goods on Peter.

Momma Florence

It was nice to see Jason have a heart and allow Martin, along with Jackie, to see that Florence was safe and being well cared for. Martin chowing down on a bucket of fried chicken while on the stake-out with Jackie was a humorous nod to the Colonel Sanders jokes about Martin that the viewers have made on social media.

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Cyrus threatens Jackie GH ABC

After Jackie ran an article on Florence’s views of her son Cyrus’ criminal activities, Cyrus was left fuming, especially after learning the story caused the board to vote against him and his drug. Cyrus had a very bad day, which made for a good one for the viewers. Watching Lesley and Laura beside themselves for sticking it to Cyrus was great, but it’s sad that Lesley is once again heading out of town. However she’s going to check on Lulu, so maybe there is hope Lulu will be back sooner rather than later.

Cam’s Touching Gesture

Cam shaving his head as a way to make his brothers less afraid of Franco losing his hair was a really sweet gesture, though I wonder if we will actually see Roger Howarth shave his head. Franco’s Peter and Jason inspired nightmare, and his waking up about to pummel Cam, was definitely frightening. Cam was understanding of the situation, and both Howarth and William Lipton were excellent in their scenes. These two are always great together, and I wish we were able to see more of Jake and Aiden as Liz and Franco go through this journey, especially now that Franco is worried he’s a danger to his family and wants to move out.

Squash that Roach

In last week’s soapbox, I speculated that Spencer sent the roach to Ava, and not Ryan as everyone immediately suspected. Ava was able to pay Ryan a visit, and he clearly is still in no shape to have arranged that special gift. When he got a delivery of mail, we saw that at some point he wrote to Spencer, who returned his letter. It looks like Spencer is indeed the culprit. I have been hoping he’d eventually return to Port Charles, especially with Ava and Nikolas staying together.

Among Ryan’s other mail was a nice little letter from Heather W, who is a big fan of his handy work, and was a nice nod to psychopath Heather Webber. With Franco’s tumor, I have been wondering if Heather would be back in some fashion.

Other Odds and Ends

I’m glad to see the drunk Alexis storyline appears to be coming to an end, and hopefully, the writers will find something more meaningful for her character. It was nice seeing her reach out and apologize to Olivia, who I was really surprised heard her out and seemed to be willing to try and move forward.

Then there was Molly and TJ, whose much delayed domestic partnership finally became official. With that said and done, I’m assuming we’ll go back to almost never seeing either of them on screen much.

These are only my opinions, and mine alone. Join the discussion and share yours in the comments below!

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