General Hospital’s Valentine’s Day Episode Nicely Mixed Friendship and Romance With a Bit of Mystery

February 15 - 19:

Nikolas and Ava Valentine's Days GH ABC

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All hell broke loose this week on General Hospital. Between Nina going on a rampage about Nelle, and someone destroying the Tan-o, there was no shortage of drama. But it was the Valentine’s Day episode that provided a nice mix of romance, friendship, and a nasty surprise or two. 

Nelle is the New Morgan

Nina finally knows not only was Nelle her daughter, but also the truth about Carly hesitating to save Nelle on the cliff. Nina lashing out at Carly and Jax during the funeral was epic, especially calling out half the town for being Carly-enablers. Still, I have to give the win in that scene to Carly. Nina picked the worst time to call Carly out, making it Carly the one to sympathize with. Carly also made an excellent point that Nina has a habit of lashing out and going over the edge when she feels attacked or hurt, which is exactly like Nelle. Ouch!

Carly faces Nina in cemetery General Hospital

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Now Nina has begun the process of martyring Nelle and wanting vengeance for her death. No matter how many people try and beat it into Nina’s brain, she can’t grasp the fact that Nelle not only wouldn’t change when given the chance, she didn’t want to change. She was bad to the bone, even to the end. I fear we are going to have to hear about her constantly in the same way that Carly has made Morgan a saint in death.

Cyrus’ New Drug

With Cyrus fast-tracking his drug through the FDA, and falsifying how addictive it is, it would appear his overall game plan is to become a legal drug pusher. This storyline had me groaning at the oversights we the audience is being asked to overlook for the sake of a soap opera, along with the fact that it’s just not exciting me. The pain management drug industry is such an issue right now that there is no way his drug would make it to the market without extensive testing, which it clearly would fail according to Britt. The best part of Cyrus’ storyline this week was Jason shooting Brando in the leg to take him out of commission, so Cyrus wouldn’t put him out of commission. The look on Jason’s face when Brando cried, “Do you know how much it hurts to take a bullet?” was hilarious.

jason shoots gh

The Mystery of Who Cares About the Tan-o

Sonny’s storyline continues to fall short with me as well. Why wouldn’t he just take the officer up on the offer to be fingerprinted to find out who he is? Like I joked last week, at this point put Sonny’s face on a milk carton to see if anyone knows who he is. Meanwhile, he’s found himself in the middle of the mystery of a number of robberies in town, including the Tan-o’s. My question is, why should I care? I’m hoping there is a twist, and this will connect to something bigger eventually. I will say I am glad to see Maurice Benard embracing his natural grey, and hope it’s something Sonny will keep when he gets his memory back.

Love is in the Air on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day meant love, romance, and some drama for couples in Port Charles. And what a better way to introduce the new restaurant in town, The Port Charles Grill. So is The Floating Rib not coming back? The place is nice, but the town needs a bar, and Charlie’s seems to be all but forgotten without Julian.

Britt reuniting with Brad, who she got transferred back to the hospital for a check-up just so she could spend singles awareness day with him, was the highlight of this episode for me. These two have always been magic, and Brad sensed Britt’s shaking hand and is clearly onto the fact that she’s hiding something. Let’s get Britt fixed up because she’s been far too fun this time around to lose. Heck, let’s find a way to bring Brad back while we’re at it.

There was no romance for Curtis and Jordan this year, as Curtis called for an official separation. He spent the romantic day on a stakeout with Portia, and their chemistry is off the charts. At this point, I find myself asking, Jordan who?

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be enjoying the scenes Sam and Dante have been sharing, and momma Olivia also seemed happy to see Dante happy. Okay, hold on there… this is the same woman who blasted Lulu for giving up on Dante so quickly and moving on with Dustin. Hopefully, Lulu’s condition will be updated and addressed soon. Additionally, the way Britt lights up when Jason is around has been infectious and puts a smile on my face.

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Not everyone was having a happy time though. Franco’s treatment caused him to become sick and start losing his hair, which was the most depressing part of an otherwise pretty upbeat episode. Then there was Nikolas and Ava, who were surprised by the delivery of the gift of a cockroach entomologically preserved in a glass case. Yuck! While the obvious culprit who would have sent such a thing would be Ryan, my money is on Spencer.

Finally, the Michael, Willow, Chase and Sasha storyline continues to drag on, and now Brando’s been added into the fold. Far too many people confused about their feelings for each other! Sasha and Michael’s date getting derailed by Brando didn’t bother me nearly as much as Willow spending her entire evening with Chase gushing about Michael. I just wanted poor Chase to get up and walk out on her!

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As always, these are simply my opinions. Join the discussion and share yours in the comments below!

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