General Hospital Could Be Setting up Several Long-Kept Secrets to Be Exposed for February Sweeps

January 18 - 22

February Sweeps Soapbox GH

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In last week’s General Hospital soapbox, I hypothesized how Sonny’s amnesia storyline could be a gamechanger for his character and others. This week, outside of seeing Sonny take down a would-be robber at his new friends’ bar, they are finally addressing another major aspect of his character. And outside of the drama involving Tracy, Ned and Alexis, the rest of the storylines look to be setting up what should be a secret exposing February sweeps.

Super Sonny

Hints of “Mike’s” true identity began to appear after he not only took down a gun-toting robber without fear but also in showing his masterful knowledge of the art of the drink. In last week’s column, I mentioned how many viewers have pointed out some of the insane plot holes in this storyline, including the fact that Sonny is Bipolar and off his medications. However, in Friday’s episode, Sonny was fervently cleaning the bar, taking stock, and making all sorts of suggested changes to put the bar on the map. He’s definitely starting to show signs of a manic upswing, and Phyllis noted it could be signs of mental illness. It’s good that they didn’t overlook this about Sonny.

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One Secret Revealed, Several to Go!

My heart broke for Olivia when she realized Ned had cheated, but I was cheering her on when she accused him of being incapable of trust due to his upbringing in the Quartermaine mansion. The insults got better when she accused him of having revenge sex with Alexis and left his mommy to fix the mess he made. Olivia was on fire! Her taking Alexis to task was also fantastic. Lisa LoCicero’s delivery of the line, “I want to hear you say it, and be specific!” was hysterical, though it shouldn’t have been. It added a touch of humor to a sad situation. I do hope Ned and Olivia make it, but it isn’t looking good right now.

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Ned and Alexis both lashed out, and rightfully so, at Tracy for her stunt. I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head when Tracy claimed she did what she did in part hoping Alexis would go to rehab. Yeah right! Way to try and save your own behind, girl. Though maybe now Alexis will finally get some help. Is there any more rock bottom for her to hit at this point?

Nobody Likes Peter

I’m really finding myself enjoying Britt and Jason’s scenes together, even if it’s just as partners to take down Peter and Cyrus. I hope they continue to be friends when all is said and done because Britt could use one with Brad still in prison. It’s also nice to see Jason and Obrecht have gotten through to Britt that Peter is no good. I had to laugh that Peter thought erasing his browser history after using Britt’s computer would hide what he did. It’s a hospital computer, every damn keystroke is probably logged somewhere.

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Anna meanwhile is getting closer to connecting Obrecht to Dante, and this is worrisome. As Jason told Britt, Anna only sees what she wants to where Peter is concerned. If she realizes Dante has been sent to take down Peter, she will move heaven and earth to protect her son. As much as I like Anna, I am looking forward to her reaction when the whole truth about Peter comes out. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind seeing Robert do an, “I told you so!” tapdance in front of her.

Maxie will also be devastated when the truth comes out. I’m just tired of her being a broken record, who like Anna, can’t see the truth about Peter if it hit her in the face. How many times have we heard her say to someone, “You really don’t like Peter do you?” Followed by, “Peter has changed, he’s a good person.” Newsflash Maxie, nobody wants to go to your wedding!

Then There’s Nelle’s Necklace

It was so good to see Ava visit with Nina. I really enjoyed these two becoming frenemies and have missed their scenes together. More of them please! And after their talk, Nina started wearing her necklace again, and later confessed to Curtis that she’s not okay with giving up looking for her daughter. Just in time too, because Ava got the other half of the necklace back to Avery thanks to Joss.

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Predictably, Carly already started to plot how to steal the necklace back… Yes, Carly is planning to steal from a child to cover her hide. As it’s been pointed out, Nelle may be dead, but Wiley is not and is Nina’s grandchild. Carly is basically doing the same thing, with Jax’s help, that Julian and Brad did to her and Michael. Then again, Carly will find a way to justify her actions because hypocrite is her middle name. I’m already picturing the slap Nina is going to deliver her.

Welcome Back, Liz

Hopefully, the Franco tumor storyline will also be wrapped up during February sweeps. Obviously, he’s going to be integral in Peter’s downfall, but how they will resolve his tumor is still baffling to me. They’ll probably pull out the soap opera miracle cure that doesn’t exist in real life. This storyline, and Franco putting a contract out on himself with Jason, finally gave Rebecca Herbst some amazing material to sink her teeth into. Liz laying into Jason for being a terrible father, and detailing how much better of a one Franco has been to his son, had to sting. But it was amazing to watch.

Herbst and LoCicero both gave the performances of the week.

As usual, these are simply my thoughts. Please join the conversation below and share yours.

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