Sonny’s Amnesia Could Be a Game-Changing Storyline for General Hospital

January 11- 15:

Sonny is unsure who he is on GH

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Last week I was cheering everyone standing up to Cyrus on General Hospital. Now though with Sonny presumed dead, the mob wars are heating up and Cyrus is really giving Jason and the Corinthos clan the squeeze by threatening to implicate them all in lying about Dev’s identity. Even dead, Dev’s still causing trouble! Meanwhile, Sonny’s amnesia storyline has huge potential to change everything, Olivia will probably regret going looking for the truth, and the most boring couple award goes to…

Call Me Mike

While everyone in Port Charles is mourning Sonny’s death, the viewers know he’s alive and somewhere in New Jersey with amnesia. Apparently, the New Jersey State Police are about as good at doing their job as the Port Charles PD, because the nurse at the hospital found no missing person reports that match him. So much for their search, rescue and recovery operation! Also, the nurse is Nina’s old nurse, who has been to Port Charles and told Sonny about it. How do you visit Port Charles and not know who Sonny is? Wouldn’t the death of an alleged mob boss also be front-page news?

Thanks to having Mike’s watch on him, Sonny thinks his name is Mike. Of course, we know his given name is Michael. Plot holes aside, this amnesia storyline has the ability to be a real changer for Sonny’s character. It would be nice to see Sonny reinventing himself as anyone but a mob boss. Sure, eventually we all expect him to get his memory back, but his current journey could have lasting consequences for him when he does finally regain his memory. Will he want to remain in the mob? Will he finally go straight with his coffee business? Will he find a love that’s not Carly?

This also has the potential for being a game-changer for Sonny’s family. Many are expecting that Jason and Carly’s grief may lead to them hooking up. That would definitely lead to some big drama when Sonny returns, and especially if he makes his way home still having amnesia. Would Carly remain with Jason, or go back to Sonny, even if he doesn’t remember her? Personally, I am not a fan of the idea of Jason and Carly getting together, but I see how it would result in great soap drama. On the other hand, such a move would irk the CarSon and JaSam fans.

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Whose Child Is This

While I think Ava’s timing to take Avery home with her to Wyndemere was a bit harsh, it was within her rights as the girl’s mother. Did Carly really believe she was going to get to keep Avery permanently? And with the war that Carly has escalated by kidnapping Cyrus’ mother, Ava is right that Avery is much safer away from the Corinthos estate and with her and Nikolas at Wyndemere, just as Jax wanted to take Joss to Australia.

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Meanwhile, Avery is still clamoring for her special necklace back, which Carly is still hiding. As much as I want to see the fallout of Nina learning the truth, and that Carly and Jax lied to her, I really am enjoying this break from anything Nelle. With Nina’s nurse Phyllis back in the picture, I don’t know if this Nelle break will last. I also keep hoping there is another twist coming as to how Nelle got that necklace to begin with.

Couples Who Have It, and Those That Don’t

They were cute when they were teens, but Molly and TJ’s expiration date has long passed. While I’m glad TJ finally knows the truth about the Brando thing, something he said was spot on, that he and Molly had grown and changed since high school. The old soap cliche that a happy couple is a boring couple truly applied here, because I find these two to be beyond boring. Dare I say it, but I find Michael and Willow more exciting than them, and at least Michael and Willow have a storyline.

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Oddly, I’m starting to warm up to Sasha and Brando. Even though they butt heads constantly, mainly over Cyrus, there is something between them. If Michael and Willow decide to give their marriage a real shot, they likely will be sorely disappointed.  By the time they realize their feelings for Chase and Sasha are too much to overcome, Sasha may have moved on with Brando. I won’t be shocked if Willow reunites with Chase, Michael ends up alone, because unlucky in love is his middle name.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

While Alexis still needs to get help, it’s nice seeing Sam not constantly being a harpy where her mother is concerned. Now Olivia and her are working together to get to the truth about Alexis’ so-called drunk driving accident and know Tracy lied about the events of that night. Unfortunately, Olivia has no idea what can of worms she’s opening. As nice as it will be to see Alexis vindicated, and Tracy exposed, it’s likely going to come at Olivia’s expense when all is said and done.

These are only my thoughts on the week that was. Please join the conversation below and share yours.

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