General Hospital Rings in 2021 Leaving Peter and Cyrus Scared and Shaking — Which Could Be Dangerous for Their Enemies

January 4 - 8:

Peter and Cyrus shaken on GH

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The first week of General Hospital in 2021 had Cyrus and Peter both scared out of their minds, a nice treat for the viewers. However, when soap villains are running scared, they are capable of doing anything, and we’ve already seen that with Peter. Dr. Obrecht provided some lighthearted comic relief, the threat of Ryan still looms, and Sonny’s whereabouts were finally revealed.

Standing Up to Cyrus

The New Year is not going well at all for Cyrus, but the viewers are finally seeing people standing up to him. With nothing else to hold over her, Jordan was finally able to tell Cyrus to shove it. It was delicious watching her have little sympathy that his mother had been kidnapped, outside of knowing the terror he must be feeling at not knowing if she was safe. It’s been a long time since I found Jordan likable, and I loved her this week.

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Laura also gave Cyrus hell when he got in her face and manhandled her over his missing mommy. Frankly, she owes him nothing, and he should be grateful she’s doing anything at all to find her, which is probably more for Martin and Florence than anything. Of course, the real drama began when Denise Alexander appeared as Lesley Webber, Laura’s mother, and was stunned to learn who Cyrus’ father was and his connection to Laura. It was sad watching her blame herself for bringing him into their lives, but it was great seeing her stand up to him after he called her the tramp that seduced his father. The way he talked to both Lesley and Laura was disgusting. When he suggested how Laura would feel if it was her own mother missing, I was hoping she would have punched his smug face.

The Kentucky Fried Lawyer

One of my wishes in my soapbox last week was to see more of Laura and Martin bonding. While Florence’s kidnapping isn’t the ideal situation to bring them together, it was still nonetheless nice to see Laura trying to reassure her newfound sibling that his mother was likely safe. Martin’s scenes with Valentin were also a nice change of pace, with him putting Valentin in his place for only being about his business ventures and trying to find Nina’s daughter. Shockingly Valentin apologized and offered to help Martin out, saying he always thought there was a friend type of thing between them as well as a business relationship. It’s nice seeing Michael E. Knight being given more of a story, showing emotion and the writers fleshing out his character.

Dr. Obrecht is in Top Form and Peter is Quaking in his Shoes

Obrecht has clicker trained Dante to accept her as his new handler in her quest to bring Peter down, but the real treat was her hysterical reunion with Britt. Obrecht handing her daughter a letter from the WSB exonerating her and telling her to call the 1-800 number if she didn’t believe it was true was the line of the week and it had me in stitches. The second best line was Obrecht astonished at Britt’s bangs, and Britt admitting it might not have been one of her better choices.

As for Peter’s impending downfall, Franco telling him about his memories of Drew coming back shook him hard, but at the same time, I was screaming through my television at Franco for unknowingly giving Peter a heads up and yet another way to scheme his way out of going down. Peter was sent running scared, trying to get answers from Dr. Cabot or Andre Maddox about the likelihood of Franco remembering what Drew knew about him. Hopefully, Franco, who confirmed that he and Liz would be at the wedding, remembers it before he and Maxie can say, “I do.” Poor Franco thinks Peter is his hero and friend. Won’t he be shocked to learn the truth.

Down but Not Out

Kevin revealed that while Ryan is conscious and aware of what is going on around him, the damage his brain suffered has left him unable to move his body. Because of this he’s not considered as severe of a threat and being moved to a less secure facility that is equipped to care for him. Oh brother! I think we all know where this is heading. We’ve seen Ryan move his finger and smugly smile as he was being taken away. He will be back! Perhaps they can use this eventually to bring Lulu back. What if he’s taken to the same care facility she’s at? He could use Lulu to get back at Kevin and Laura somehow, allowing for Emme Rylan’s return.

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Here’s Sonny!

Finally, the viewers learned Sonny’s fate. As the New Jersey police shifted the operation to search and recovery, Carly held out hope that Sonny would come home, but Dante admitted to Sam he was losing faith it would happen. Apparently, it’s still Christmas, or near Christmas, as Sonny’s lying unconscious in the cold snow and so far hasn’t succumbed to the elements. I for one can’t wait for him to get home and see his reaction to Carly kidnapping Cyrus’ mother.

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