General Hospital Featured Heartbreaking and Heartwarming Holiday Scenes

December 21 - 23:

Carly worries about Sonny on GH

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It was a short week on General Hospital. There was an abundance of storyline recapping during conversations going on, probably to catch viewers up who hadn’t tuned in for a while. Wednesday’s episode finally gave us a little taste of the holidays with some families celebrating, but between Lulu in a coma, Alexis’ troubles, Julian’s death, and Sonny still missing… it didn’t feel much like Christmas. Then again, it’s 2020.

Time is Finally Up

Julian officially kicked the bucket when his body was recovered and bagged after he was shot and fell from the bridge, which was not exactly the happiest way to begin Christmas week. I didn’t expect much emotion from Sam over her father’s death, but I was surprised to hear her say he got what he deserved. Some could say the same when it’s Sonny or Jason’s time. Naturally, Julian’s death seems to be bringing Jason and Sam back together, with her asking him to be there for Christmas for the kids. As I noted last week, no one likely expects this separation to last for long, though it should in order to add a bit of realism to the story.

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They Tried to Make Her Go to Rehab

Tracy’s hare-brained scheme landed Alexis in jail on a suspected DUI. I was glad to see Diane finally walk out on her bestie due to her behavior, after refusing to help her legally. In yet another attempt to get Alexis some help, Sam told her mother she either goes to rehab or she sits in jail. Really Sam? Did you really think that would work? Alexis doesn’t want help! Apparently, she has to hit rock bottom again, and given all that she’s already gone through, this is probably going to be a scary and crazy rock bottom.

Molly ended up bailing out her mother for the holidays, but even she couldn’t take her boozing and kicked her mom to the curb when she caught her getting jolly with a mug of Definite Vodka, a hilarious play on a certain brand name. By the end of the week, Alexis learned of Julian’s death from a newspaper article. As troubled as her relationship has been with her ex, I can see this news sending her deeper into a booze-filled spiral.

The Search is On

While Julian’s body was recovered, Sonny went missing in action after falling from the bridge into the river. Nothing says it’s Christmas like a potentially dead husband, father, and alleged mobster! Wednesday’s Christmas episode ended with Carly trying to hold it together, and the police turning up on her doorstep. That’s never good news when someone is missing, but this is Sonny. We all know the show isn’t going to kill Sonny, but maybe they should have him presumed dead for a while only to turn up a hostage of Cyrus’.

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Family Reunion

In last week’s column, I hoped that the writers would not redeem Cyrus Renault after the big family reunion reveal. However, it looks like that is where this storyline is headed. We learned that Cyrus is desperate to earn his mother’s love and respect, which hasn’t been easy because she blames him for running over his father. Is it just me, or is becoming rich by running drugs not the right way to prove oneself to their parent? As Martin pointed out, even their mother can see through his saving General Hospital charade.

The evolving relationships between Laura, Cyrus and Martin continue to be a high point. Laura is no saint and it was nice to see her show some compassion towards the teenage Cyrus and the accident that caused his father’s death, but she was quick to point out it doesn’t excuse the man he’s become. Martin seemed to almost take an immediate protective stance with Laura, which was nice to see. I also adored their connecting on Wednesday’s episode and her and Kevin inviting brother Marty to dine with them. I’m looking forward to more scenes of Martin and Laura bonding.

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Who is the Daddy

I was thrilled that the question I’ve had for a while now was somewhat addressed. While confessing his one-night stand with Jackie the night before she married his father, Anna questioned whether Chase was Finn’s son. Finn said Jackie assured him the dates didn’t match up and Gregory was his father. I’m not buying it, and I don’t think Finn does completely either. When he brought up understanding why Anna was reluctant to tell Peter that Alex may be his mother, which we know she is, it was as if he was saying he didn’t want to rock the boat either and his father raised Chase to be a good man and brother.

Meanwhile, Jackie told Robert she would be returning for Finn and Anna’s wedding next month and would be his plus one. Given soap time doesn’t follow real-time, I’m guessing the wedding won’t happen until February sweeps. With Obrecht heading home to destroy Peter, and Jackie returning just as Gregory and his boys are getting along, there is no way either of these weddings will happen. Frankly, the writers must take Peter down at his wedding, if not before. They cannot find another way for him to slither out of his problems, because he’s gotten away with everything for far too long and many viewers are tired of it. I could see Peter kidnapping a pregnant Maxie, her going into labor, and Alex returning from the dead right in time to deliver her grandchild.

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These are only my opinions. Please join the conversation below and share yours. Also, I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and stays safe and healthy!

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