The Departure of Major General Hospital Characters Stung — Plus, Rating November Sweeps

November 30 - December 4:


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This week on General Hospital saw the exit of Lulu and the set-up for Julian’s departure as well. In spite of so many cast members departing these past two weeks, the show has been amazing. The small reveals of Cyrus’ secrets and the connection to Laura’s past have turned into an intriguing mystery. And the return of Tracy was so welcomed.

She’s Back

Last week I had mentioned how it didn’t feel like Thanksgiving without the pizza and the singing at the Quartermaines. They did finally celebrate, but it was at the hospital as they gathered to support Laura and Lulu. It was definitely a somber Thanksgiving, but it was great to see Tracy return to be there for her family. We didn’t get to see too much from her, but I’m sure there are some exceptional scenes coming up. Valentin better keep a low profile, because he’s sure to get hell from Tracy. I’m also looking forward to Tracy giving Ned some much-deserved grief for all his screw-ups as of late.

Until You Return

Emme Rylan’s run as Lulu ended. After falling into a coma, Lulu was shipped off to a long term care facility in Manhattan. The choice to get rid of Lulu right now is baffling because the character finally had so much going on. There was her expose with Jackie to bring Cyrus down, and they barely explored a triangle between her, Dustin and Dante given his return. Now what? Dante just got back, and his only storyline is his brainwashed mission to expose Peter. Hopefully, Rylan will be back sooner rather than later.

Goodbye Julian

In a twist that I think surprised no one, Ava decided to spare her brother the suffering of dying at Sonny and Cyrus’ hands and planned to take him out herself. Even Ava couldn’t excuse and overlook what her brother had done. The scenes between Ava and Julian these past few weeks have been stellar. Ava’s emotions ranging from love to hate have been exceptionally well-acted, and I expect Maura West to receive yet another Daytime Emmy nomination for them. Before Ava could shoot her brother, he jumped off the turret at Wyndemere, which somehow most people survive. Julian did and is seemingly making his way out of Port Charles. Hopefully, he does so and can live to return again in the future. Julian’s end was sad to watch, as he went out as a cowardly wimping weasel. Then again, perhaps it’s a fitting end for now. Oh, and Martin macing Julian was a hilarious scene, especially with deVry having to act as though his eyes were watering afterward. I was also thrilled that Ava chose to confess all to Nikolas, and that he accepted her. I thought for sure this would break them.

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Finally Some Emotion

Last week I had noted that aside from the teens, most of the adults didn’t seem to be showing much emotion over Dev’s death. Fortunately, we saw some of them start to grieve. It still bewilders me that Brando is taking this harder than Sonny and Carly, who were actual parents to this kid for the past two years. Sam meanwhile is also taking his death hard, but it’s more about facing the mortality of her own children at the cost of Jason and Sonny’s business. She claimed she felt safe and normal with Patrick, Drew got them both out of Sonny’s business, but the minute the OG Jason returned it was all about how Sam was never really herself with anybody but Jason. Now what? She’s rethinking her future with him?

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The Greys/Grays

The Cyrus mystery continued to deepen, and it’s looking like the David Hamilton case and the police report may be a red herring. Or is Cyrus just really interested in all things Laura? Curtis and Jordan learned that the patient Cyrus is caring for is Florence Grey, who is the wife of Laura’s biological father Gordon Grey. There is obviously a connection to Martin Gray, though their last names are spelled differently. Martin had an exchange with Cyrus in which the Kentucky Fried Chicken councilor seemed unfazed by the ponytail mobster, making me wonder if Martin is the real big bad. Also, how do these two relate to Laura? I have a feeling one or both are long lost siblings to the Spencer. Cyrus definitely seemed disturbed that Lulu was hurt in the blast at The Rib.

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Franco’s Tumor

After all the death, depression and despair of the past two weeks, Franco and his family at least got a glimmer of hope. The surgeons were able to debulk his tumor, and it may now be able to be treated through radiation. It seems though this story is less about killing off Franco, or turning him into a serial killer, and more about the end of Peter. Franco began hearing Peter’s voice barking off commands. Is he remembering something he heard while unconscious, or are these Drew’s memories coming through because of the tumor? I seriously hope we don’t see the return of Drew’s memories, but Martin handing Drew’s will over to Liz seemed to be a tease as to what might happen.

Rating November Sweeps

In spite of the loss of several cast members this month, I felt November Sweeps was excellent overall. The majority of the storylines are firing full steam ahead, and one of the biggest highlights for me was the awful fake affair storyline between Chase and Sasha finally being exposed. Of course, it may have come too late, as Willow and Michael now have feelings for one another. On a plus note, we didn’t have to watch much of them fawning over each other and Wiley with all the other storylines this month. From the drama between Alex and Anna to The Floating Rib explosion, the writers really packed a lot in this November. Obviously, I am sad to see Lulu and Julian go, but hopefully one day soon they’ll return. My major gripe is that Peter still hasn’t been exposed!

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