General Hospital Served Up No Pizza for Thanksgiving, But Did Dish Out Drama After The Floating Rib Exploded

November 23 - 25:

The Floating Rib has been blown up General Hospital

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The shortened holiday week on General Hospital still packed a punch, though it didn’t feel like Thanksgiving. The episodes centered around the explosion at The Floating Rib and the aftermath, which claimed several lives and put others in jeopardy. In a year that many of us aren’t having big family gatherings, for once I was looking forward to pizza and singing at the Quartermaines’ place.

Destruction at The Floating Rib

As I commented in last week’s column, given his years in organized crime, Julian should have known better than to call Cyrus on the burner phone, because it was obviously the trigger for the bomb. Then again, Cyrus claimed the bomb wouldn’t go off until Jason was alone at The Floating Rib. That was a lie, so what was the point of putting all those people in danger? It seems clumsy of him, and so far he’s been pretty calculating with his moves.

So long dude

Dev was the first to perish in the bombing. Was it just me, or was the reaction from most to his death a little underwhelming? “Oh no, not Dev… He was such a good kid… He’s really going to be missed.” Ava and Liz seemed to show more remorse and outrage over Dev’s death than Sonny, Carly and Brando combined. At least Joss, Cam and Trina were visibly upset and shaken by the loss of their friend. The worst part of Dev’s death is he never was able to come clean about the forged diary entry he showed Cam, so the strain between Cam and Joss will likely continue.

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Dustin and Lulu weren’t meant to be

When the character that shares my name got down on one knee and proposed to Lulu right as the bomb exploded, I pretty much knew he was a goner. Alas, poor Dustin wasn’t even cold before Lulu admitted to Maxie that she was going to tell him no because her heart is completely mixed up. Poor guy can’t even catch a break when he’s dead.

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Laura’s past crimes

Laura came clean with Sonny that Cyrus was for some reason looking into the case of David Hamilton’s murder that she was involved in as a teen. As I noted last week, why dredge this story up after so long? Cyrus’ actions are becoming more and more difficult to figure out. When all is finally revealed I hope we are blown away by his true motives and connections to Port Charles.

Game night

Sam’s planned intervention for her mother was sidelined by The Floating Rib explosion, which Sam worried Jason and Danny were caught in. Left with Valentin, Alexis and her former brother got caught up in a game of “whose life and decisions suck more.” Valentin and Alexis have great sibling chemistry, even if they aren’t blood siblings. It was nice to see that softer side of Valentin that often doesn’t come out. I wish the writers would put these two together more often, or better yet, put them in a real storyline.

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The end of the road

Britt played Let’s Make a Deal with Sonny and Jason to help protect Brad, but didn’t exactly contemplate the full consequences of spilling the beans on Julian’s part in the baby swap. As Brad pointed out to her, Lucas might not like it if Sonny kills his father, no matter how estranged they are. Julian meanwhile really appears to be at the end of his rope. Not only does he have Sonny after him, but he’s displeased Cyrus as well. Heck, even Ava is furious with him, not just for Dev’s death, but for Lulu’s situation. I wasn’t surprised that Ava agreed to hide Julian at Wyndemere, but when the truth comes out it will no doubt put a strain on Ava and Nikolas’ marriage. I’m still holding out hope that Julian will escape Port Charles alive so that he might return one day, but I’m honestly losing it little by little with every episode. I think we are headed for a who killed Julian storyline.

Operating on the inoperable

Was anyone else completely confused by Franco’s tumor? First, he’s told it’s back and inoperable. Then Liz makes an appointment with tumor-specialist Patrick Drake to see if anything can be done. Now after he got his brains rattled in the explosion, the doctors want to take a piece of the tumor out… Well, then why don’t they take it all out? I thought it was inoperable. Will it grow back? Meanwhile, poor Lulu suffered a traumatic injury that required a craniometry to relieve the pressure on her brain. She was left in a coma, and Lucas delivered the news that she may not be able to fully recover from her injuries. Well, it looks as if Emme Rylan is being written off as Lulu thanks to a coma. At least it doesn’t appear she’ll die, so there is a chance for a return at some point.

These are simply my opinions on General Hospital. Please join the conversation below with your own thoughts.

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