General Hospital Ended Another Exciting Week With One Hell of a Bang

November 16 - 20:

Julian is in trouble on GH

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General Hospital, exploded this week — literally — with the truth about Sasha and Chase’s affair finally coming to light. Taggert doesn’t seem to understand the concept of faking one’s death and what that entails. And as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, also known as pizza appreciation day at the Quartermaine mansion, the new year could see some new babies in Port Charles.

Brook Lynn’s baby

Briana Lynn departed General Hospital as Brook Lynn and Amanda Setton is set to return from maternity leave shortly. After saying her goodbyes, Brook Lynn revealed a pregnancy test in her bag. Oh boy, it looks like Charlotte could be getting a little brother or sister. This will definitely put a damper on Valentin’s hopes of a reunion with Nina one day. However, I really like Valentin and Brook Lynn’s chemistry, so this could make for an interesting turn of events.

It’s about time

Sasha gave Cyrus’ latest drug a test run, and she was left in critical condition after suffering a heart attack. The only good thing to come of this tragic event was that the truth about Sasha and Chase faking their affair finally came out. Sadly though, things are clearly more complicated now. Chase’s confession came too late, as Michael and Willow gave into their blossoming feelings and made love like rabbits. I won’t be surprised if Brook Lynn isn’t the only one who might be in need of a pregnancy test. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but who are we kidding… this is a soap opera! Of course, Willow will end up pregnant.

Laura’s secret

Last week I shared fan speculation that the cold case Cyrus is interested in could be the death of David Hamilton. With Laura warning Scotty of the case that Cyrus is interested in, and how she was only a young teen but was involved in the event, it is looking more and more like it’s a possibility. However is Cyrus personally connected to this case, or is he just out to punish Laura for her attempts to keep him from being released from prison? And why dig this story up after 40 years? I’m hoping for something bigger to be revealed.

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An explosive request

Cyrus called in Julian’s debt and tasked him with delivering a bomb to get rid of his Jason problem. Trying to get out of committing murder, Julian betrayed his promise to Ava and told Cyrus that Taggert was alive and working with Sonny. Whether Cyrus believed him or not, he didn’t seem that impressed with what should have been mind-blowing information. When Julian learned Cyrus wanted him to blow up The Floating Rib, Julian refused. Julian sure is standing up and giving blowback to both Cyrus and Sonny lately, and he’s just digging his own grave at this point. As for Taggert, this dude doesn’t need Julian blowing his cover because he’s doing that all on his own. Not only did Epiphany catch him lurking around the hospital in a terrible disguise, but Carly walked in on one of his visits with Sonny. Portia and Trina will be the last in town to know he’s alive.

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Alexis’ intervention

Sam, along with Molly, Diane and Valentin, staged a long-overdue intervention for Alexis. Sadly Kristina was once again missing at an important family event, but this time Molly and Sam both mentioned her and how she tends to push Alexis’ buttons and could ruin the intervention. Hey, at least they gave us a logical explanation for the often missing Davis sister. Hopefully, this intervention works because watching Alexis acting like a drunken fool has gotten stale.

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Reunited friends

Brad Cooper reappeared this week and reconnected with his best friend Britt, but not in the way viewers might have been hoping for. It was still nice to have Brad back, but now he and Britt know his life is in danger in Pentonville from Cyrus’ men. Why does Brad think Jason will lift a finger to help him after what Brad did to Sonny, Michael and Wiley? Perhaps Jason’s need to take care of Cyrus will prove to be greater than his dislike for Brad.

Friday’s bomb-tastic cliff hangers

Friday once again served up an epic cliffhanger. My poor namesake and all-around good guy Dustin proposed to Lulu, not knowing the true depths of her feelings for Dante. Before she could answer, Julian used Cyrus’ burner phone and unknowingly activated the bomb he planted in The Floating Rib, blowing it to smithereens. Given all Julian’s years in the mob, shouldn’t he have suspected the phone was a trigger? And do we think anyone important will actually die, or just the no-name bartender working that night? Also, Liz finally called Patrick Drake to see if he could work a miracle on Franco’s tumor. I was so glad someone remembered Patrick!

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