Thanks to Two Big Twists, It Looks Like Peter’s Finally Going Down — Plus, Franco’s Dark Side Could Return

October 26 - 30:

Anna gets test results on GH

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General Hospital got into the Halloween spirit this week, with the teens dressing up, Peter getting a shock from beyond the grave, and secret one-night stands and hidden addictions coming to the surface. Everything is nicely falling into place for what looks like an eventful upcoming November sweeps. 

A stabbing and sex

Ava and Nikolas were on fire. It was great that Nikolas finally got Ava to admit she too had feelings for him. I completely jumped when Ava accidentally stabbed Nikolas, not expecting that at all. However, only on a soap does someone after getting stabbed, even if it was just a flesh wound, engage in sex. Come on! Afterward, he told a furious Ava that the divorce papers were fake. She couldn’t have guessed that by the fact they were rolled up like a fifteenth-century scroll? Apparently, though they are so authentic looking that she’s tried to use them to fool Ryan, which didn’t work. By the end of the week, Ryan placed a call to Sonny. Things do not look good for Julian, and rumors are swirling that William deVry is on his way out.

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The minute Franco said “Doorknob!” and went down at The Floating Rib, I suspected his brain tumor was back. And it was confirmed by his serial killer nightmare and Portia bringing in Terry, who confirmed it. Not only is it back, but the symptoms will also get worse, and it’s inoperable. Of course it is, this is a soap opera! Are they really going to bring back dark Franco? The writers seem to be determined to throw every problem they can at this couple.

The truth about Peter

Anna received the results on Faison’s brain and not surprisingly, Faison didn’t have the marker for Rheumatoid Arthritis, which means Peter is Alex’s son. I imagine many Anna fans were dancing at this news. A very small part of me felt bad for her, but she at least realizes she has to come clean with Peter because Alex poses a threat to him and Maxie, as well as their unborn child. Unfortunately, before she could she was clobbered by Alex. Meanwhile, Peter received a call from a supposedly dead Helena threatening to blow him out of the water unless he helped her keep the secret that she was alive until she was ready to reveal herself. Sadly, for those of us who are fans of Helena, she’s not yet back from the dead and it was a con by Sam and Spinelli. While I’m disappointed about Helena, I’m all here to watch Peter crash and burn.

Trina, I am your father

I think it was pretty clear from the beginning that it was Taggert dressed as Darth Vader following Trina and the teens around. Having him as Darth Vader and Trina as Princess Leia was a nice little nod to Star Wars. After the kids were gone, Julian confronted and unmasked Vader, finding himself face to face with Taggert. Uh oh! Taggert was shot trying to stop Julian from killing Nelle, and Julian remembered him. Taggert claimed he had the wrong guy, and took off to seek out Sonny. However Julian saw Trina’s background on her phone and likely has deduced he’s Trina’s not so dead father. This threatens to blow up Jordan, Sonny, Taggert and so many others’ worlds when it comes to dealing with Cyrus.

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Sasha’s on drugs… you don’t say!

Finally, someone picked up that Sasha is a giant coke head. The girl has been walking around looking like a hot mess for weeks! Curtis realized it, informed Nina, and now Carly is starting to figure it out. Meanwhile, Cyrus has taken a liking to Sasha, though we don’t know why yet.

Elsewhere, even though Michael and Willow agreed to an annulment, they’ve don’t seem to able to stop thinking about one another, even fantasizing about the other. Who didn’t see this coming? It still doesn’t negate the fact that as I’ve been venting week after week, Michael and Willow are just boring! With Carly guessing the truth about Sasha, hopefully, she’ll stay true to her character and not be able to stay out of everyone’s business and will tell Michael and Willow that Sasha and Chase’s affair was a sham.

Was that supposed to be a secret?

Finn finally confronted Jackie about their past, and the whole story came out. At the same time, was anyone surprised? We already knew Finn was not only angry that his father moved on so fast after his mother’s death but originally it was hinted that it was with Finn’s girlfriend. They seem to have re-written the story a bit, and it has been probably well over a year or more since Finn revealed that info, so some may have forgotten. Still, Jackie had feelings for both Finn and his daddy at the same time, and they had sex the night before the wedding and she offered to call off the wedding. Surprisingly, Finn pushed her to go through with it. Now they’ve turned it around that Finn has distanced himself from his family more out of shame than anger. Either way, when this truth comes out, things are going to get messy! And could Finn be Chase’s father and not brother?

These are only my opinions of this week’s storylines. Please join the conversation below.

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