A Week of Hook-ups, Hangovers and Heartbreak on General Hospital

October 19 - 23:

Alexis goes on a bender on GH

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This week on General Hospital, devious Dev continued to manipulate his friends in a storyline that is just frustrating. It feels like pretty soon everyone but Olivia is going to know Ned and Alexis slept together, especially with loud mouth BLQ learning about it. Nina gave Nelle a funeral, but was it really Nelle who got buried? And Michael and Willow continued to maintain being the most boring couple on the show. BLQ sleeping with Valentin was definitely the fun twist of the week. 

Ned and Drunklexis

I was a bit surprised that Ned didn’t know Alexis was drinking again until Olivia told him. Did he get that blackout drunk that he forgot the entire night before, including drinking with her at the bar? Alexis has spiraled out of control fast, and while Brook Lynn knows her dad cheated on Olivia with Alexis, a perpetually drunk Alexis is likely going to be the one to tell Olivia. And can we talk about Ned blurting out his one-night stand to Monica, while Olivia was in the house and could have just as easily overheard it as Brook Lynn did? What the heck was Ned thinking? He’s lucky it was only Brook Lynn who heard him.

Valentin and Brook Lynn’s fling

Something happening between Brook Lynn and Valentin seemed inevitable after their snarky yet flirty exchange at Deception right after she was fired. Sulking and drinking at Charlie’s led to a hook-up. Surprisingly, these two were actually fun together, and BLQ was dare I say likable when she was with him. However, it seems destined to go nowhere because as she put it, he’s in love with someone else. Interestingly Valentin mentioned a love before Nina that he never stopped loving, and we all know that’s Anna. Could they be setting up a potential for something happening between Anna and Valentin? As I said in last week’s column, Anna and Valentin have great chemistry, far more than she has with Finn. I would be interested in an Anna and Valentin relationship, but I also would love to see more of Valentin and Brook Lynn. Unfortunately seeing how Nina reacted to Valentin sleeping with BLQ, it seems a reunion of Valentin and Nina is more likely.

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Tormented Carly

I don’t see why Carly, or anyone else cares, what Nina does with her money and gives Nelle a funeral. Hell, Carly should be thanking her for giving her a chance to see Nelle’s cold dead body and to make sure she is dead. Sadly it seems she was buried before anyone could see her, and nobody let alone Carly should believe Nelle is in that grave if they didn’t see her. Now Carly is being haunted in a sense by Nelle, and thinks there is something she’s supposed to remember. I’m guessing it’s the locket she was wearing, which connects her to Nina. Speaking of the locket, where the heck has Avery stashed that thing and when will it eventually be found? Friday’s show with Nelle’s hand bursting out of her grave and grabbing Carly was a fun scene, and if she’s not careful, Carly is going to drive herself crazy and end up back in Shadybrook. Also how cheap of a headstone did Nina purchase for Nelle that it could be broken knocked over that easily?

Love on the rocks

I was glad to see Nikolas open up to Ava and admit he’s fallen for her. Sadly, thanks to the blackmail scheme and Ava actually figuring Franco and Liz set her up and likely Nikolas, she is shutting him out. These two need to get it together! And when the heck is Spencer going to finally come home? Adding him to the mix could make this mess even more interesting.

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Millow’s annulment

Michael and Willow decided to end their marriage because without love they were condemning themselves to a relationship that wasn’t fair to them. If only I could believe they’d go through with it, but they won’t. Until the annulment is processed, Michael has asked Willow to help him study up on types of wine because he’ll be attending a lot of meetings as the new CEO of Aurora. Hopefully, that will be happening off-screen. Can these two be any duller? I wish Chase and Sasha would just up and come clean with them because watching Michael and Willow trying to make this relationship work isn’t working for me. Chase is also on my last nerve with the way he speaks so sternly and negatively towards Willow lately. He’s making it hard for me to root for them to reunite.

The teen scene

I found my hopes for a Cam and Trina relationship dashed by week’s end after Trina kissed Cam to see if there was any magic there, only to conclude they were meant to just be friends. So now I find myself forced to root for Cam and Joss, not because I want them together, but to stick it to Dev.

These are simply my opinions on this week’s episodes. Please join the conversation below.

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