Too Many Addictions, a Possible Boring Sequel to Come — And One Unexpected Wicked Twist

October 5 - 9:

Jackie is Chases mom on GH

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This week on General Hospital, Port Charles finally said goodbye to Mike. His funeral was a touching and emotional tribute to the character, but I am probably in the minority feeling an entire episode for the service wasn’t needed. Jackie Templeton was back in town, as was Dante Falconeri, and both returns stirred things up. And if one more person becomes an addict they may need to change the name of this soap opera.

Jackie’s back

Kim Delaney debuted as Jackie Templeton this week, and boy was it an amazing twist learning Jackie is Chase’s mother and the wicked step-mother in Finn’s eyes. This should definitely be fun to watch. I am a huge fan of Delaney, so I hope as Jackie said she’ll be staying around Port Charles indefinitely for the time being.

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Oh yes they did

Well to probably no one’s surprise, Ned and Alexis had a drunken night of sex. I hope they at least did it in the guest room and not the bed poor Neil croaked in. It baffles me why the powers that be want to shake up Ned and Olivia in the ways they have recently. After Ned accusing her of cheating on him with Robert, and Olivia telling him she’d never cheat on him just like she knows he’d never cheat on her, the you-know-what is really going to hit the fan when the truth comes out. Olivia does not strike me as the kind of woman who will play the cheating Quartermaine spouse game. It’s a shame because I really liked Ned and Olivia, but I don’t think they will survive this. I could be wrong though.

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Booze and drugs

It’s beginning to feel like the name of this show should be General Addictions. We’ve got poor Neil Byrne dead from an uncharacteristic opioid overdose. Alexis not only fell off the wagon hard but after her night of drunken sex with Ned, she began the day with more drinking. Then there is Sasha who has been turning to cocaine to dull the pain of losing Michael to Willow, who by the way is once again boring me with their incessant Wiley talk. We know Cyrus is moving product, so the inevitable question is who is going to be the next addict in town? My thoughts are it’s going to be one of the teens, and after the drama at Homecoming last week, which I found to be a dud of an event, I’m thinking it could be any one of them. Seeing Dev go after Joss’ old journal, it’s clear he’s about to stir the pot and play with some emotions.

Not again

When BLQ proposed Amy sing in her place as the voice of Deception, I thought, here we go again! I was thrilled Amy brought up the Ask Man Landers fiasco and turned her down. However, it took the nurse two minutes to change her mind and agree to do it. Ask Man Landers was such a dud of a storyline, so why go for a sequel?

Ava and Julian are screwed

With Ryan holding Nelle’s letter incriminating Julian, not only is Julian screwed but so is his sister Ava if she wants to keep him safe. The psycho serial killer not only is forcing Ava to visit him once a week but also to divorce Nikolas. Say it ain’t so! I had just begun to enjoy the love brewing between Ava and Nik. Hopefully, we’ll get some amazing sibling scenes with Ava and Julian putting their heads together to figure out how to silence Ryan.

Anna versus Alex

Valentin stunned Anna with the news that the meeting in Berlin was a trap and Alex wants her sister dead. Though Anna isn’t telling him the whole story, he has agreed to help her. I’m here for this team-up. There has always been something about their love-hate connection that comes across well on screen, and the actors play phenomenally off one another.

Dante’s back

Dante is finally back in Port Charles, and after reconnecting with Sonny after Mike’s services, he headed straight to see Lulu. Too bad he knows nothing about Dustin, who is preparing to move in. I’m torn over who Lulu should be with. Lulu and Dustin are adorable, but they’ve had no real story. Well, they will now. And while Dante and Lulu have a long history, they too had become complacent and boring the past few years. Hopefully, this will give all three actors something to really work with, though Dante better not lose focus on his mission.

This is an opinion piece. Join in on the discussion on the past week in the comments below.

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