Blackmailers, Dead Nelle and Boozing Were the Highs and Lows on General Hospital

September 21 - 25:

Franco tells Liz they need to talk at General Hospital

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The beginning of the week was somewhat painfully slow. I’m probably in the minority of liking Brando, but his scenes with Jason, Sam, and Maxie were boring filler. Likewise, the Stella scenes with TJ and Molly were setting the stage for future drama but weren’t tune-in material. And I’m over watching Ned begging BLQ to move back home, but am glad she confessed she deleted Olivia’s messages to him. By the end of the week, things began to pick up with the twist in the Nelle storyline and the reveal of the blackmailers.

The blackmailers revealed

Both Ava and Nikolas were predictably blackmailed with the kissing photos, leaving them in a panic. While they were obviously both distraught on losing out on the big bucks, part of me believes they were partly fearful of ruining what they had suddenly found that had been in front of them all along, namely a real marriage and someone to love. As I said in last week’s column, I could support Ava and Nikolas as a couple after their scenes seeing each other in a new light. This week they, and the audience, were surprised to find that Scotty was behind the blackmail, but in a second twist, he was just the frontman for Liz and Franco. Two weeks ago I speculated that Franco and Liz were setting Ava and Nikolas up, and I’m glad that was the case. Unfortunately, Liz ominously warned Franco his plan could blow up in their faces, especially after Scotty asked for far more money that Franco and Liz had planned on. This could go all which ways wrong for these three seeing they’ve crossed Ava and Nikolas.

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Nelle’s dead … sure Jan

Just as Carly was about to confess what really happened between her and Nelle on the cliffs, Jason got the news that Nelle’s body had been recovered and she’s dead. As Marcia Brady once famously said on The Brady Bunch, “Sure Jan!” I’m going to need to see a corpse and a DNA test of some kind done to believe Nelle is dead. Shockingly, even after the news and a visit from Detective Chase, Carly did tell Jason and Sonny about the incident at the cliff. I really thought Carly being Carly would lie her way out of it. Maybe she learning her lessons after all. Of course, when she mentioned Jax knew, you could see the steam shooting out of Sonny’s ears.

That damn locket

Sonny caught Avery with Nelle’s locket, though he seemed to think Ava gave it to her. One can hope that Carly and/or Jax will see her with it soon enough and make the connection to Nelle… Oh, who am I kidding! This is General Hospital. That kid will someone manage to hide it for likely weeks on end until she loses it at the playground, where someone else will find it, and then it will eventually end up in a donation box somewhere.

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Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s mental fitness was tested this week by his doctor to see if he could take on the WSB’s new mission for him, and he passed. Hopefully, this mission is not about bringing Sonny down but is connected to Cyrus. I’m ready to see Dante back in Port Charles.

Danger ahead Lulu

Clearly, Peter is not well versed in Lulu’s history. Giving her the go-ahead to gather evidence to bring Cyrus down. I like Lulu, but she never seems to learn from her past mistakes, and watching her end up in danger over and over again is not what I want to see. Perhaps the powers that be will surprise viewers for once and Lulu will be integral in bringing Cyrus down. That likely won’t come until November sweeps, but I can’t wait to be done and rid of Cyrus at this point. He started out as an interesting villain, but the hospital take-over isn’t working for me. As I’ve said before, I do like that the hospital is the center of a storyline for once though.

Alexis gets knocked down again

Poor Alexis cannot catch a break as of late. While I am enjoying seeing the kinder side of Valentin with him offering his support to Alexis in her time of need, Neil’s brother was brutal to her at his memorial, blaming her for his death. What was Valentin thinking taking her to The Floating Rib after that? Alexis of course ended up alone at the bar. Hopefully, she doesn’t, but the previews of her and Ned on Monday indicate she does! Who thinks they could end up in bed together?

These are simply my opinions. Join in on the discussion on the past week in the comments below.

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