A Lovely & Touching Goodbye to Mike — & His Heartbreaking Storyline — on General Hospital

September 14 - 18:

Courtney returns for Mike on GH

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This week on General Hospital, both Mike and the viewers were finally put out of their torture with his passing. Ethan, Robert and Olivia playing superspies in Monte Carlo was super fun. The crazy mixed-up coupling continues. And Alexis’ new storyline is a pain, pun intended.

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Go into the light

After what seems like forever, Mike finally passed away. I honestly thought the powers that be were going to drag this out for at least another week, and was thankful they didn’t. Mike’s ending was done very tastefully, and I liked that Sonny left his father alone so that he could die in peace, realizing his father didn’t want to go in front of him as a way to protect him. Courtney returning to take Mike into the next world was a nice treat and in keeping with General Hospital’s trend of having past characters return to escort family members off into the light. Brando’s butterfly story seemed out of left field, but I guess now we will be playing “spot the butterfly” on the show for the next few weeks.

Alexis’ new story

Alexis, still dealing with Neil’s tragic death, was once again plagued by that pesky sprained wrist. Ned insisted she go to the hospital where Portia diagnosed her with … get this … osteoporosis! Now I understand it’s important to shed light on the disease… thanks Sally Fields… and should be taken very seriously. However, this storyline feels like a slap in the face for Alexis fans. First, they kill off her best love interest in years, and then they give her brittle bone disease. What’s next? Alexis falls and can’t get up?

Secret agents

Though I’m worried about Ned and Olivia’s relationship, I am enjoying watching Olivia and Robert play spies in Monte Carlo. Even though we knew Nathan Parsons was returning as Ethan Lovett, I was pleasantly surprised when he turned up in there and looking like a dashing James Bond. As I said in last week’s column, I’m all in for Robert and Ethan working together. Likewise, Winston Rudge’s return was a big shock too. I could see Rudge trading working for crazy Olivia Jerome to working for the equally nuts and not-dead Cassandra Pierce. Honestly, Cassandra may just be the one to take on Cyrus, perhaps poisoning his drugs. I absolutely loved Olivia brandishing an uzi coming to Ethan and Robert’s rescue, but the big surprise is though everyone thinks Holly could be dead, Rudge’s boss is holding her captive in a cell. Emma Samms is back. Best Friday cliffhanger in recent memory!

Family man

Nikolas and Ava finally succumbed to their passion and made love at Sonny’s cabin. The pair catching fireflies with Avery was sweet, and so was his tucking her into bed. We finally got to see a genuine side of Nikolas for once, and he said the same about Ava. I could finally get behind these two as a couple after those scenes, but won’t get my hopes up knowing those kissing photos are floating around out there. The minute they actually become happy together, BOOM, everything will blow up in all of their faces, Franco and Liz included. I still am holding out a smidge of hope that Franco and Liz played them. Anyway, back at the cabin, Avery wandered out in the dark and found Nelle’s necklace in the woods. So a little girl found a piece of evidence in the dark, in the same area the PCPD thoroughly searched?

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Mixed up couples

The crazy coupling continued. When Willow told Micheal, who felt she shouldn’t feel obligated to be with him as Mike passed, that wasn’t how their marriage would work, I rolled my eyes. Here we go with the beginnings of turning their fake baby marriage into a real one. By next week they will probably be planning a brother or sister for Wiley. Meanwhile, it also looks like the show is going there with Brook Lynn and Chase after he invited her to sleep on his sofa. At least unlike bland and boring Michael and Willow, there is a little something between BLQ and Chase … but I still don’t want to watch it. And poor Sasha, she has nobody except her coke!

As always, these are only my opinions. Join in on the discussion on the past week in the comments below.

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