Neil’s Shocking Death on General Hospital Begs the Question — What Was the Point?

August 31 - September 4

Neil's death on GH

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This week on General Hospital saw the surprising death of Neil Byrne. Nelle hasn’t shown her face yet, but Nina is getting closer to learning the truth about her. The truth about Brando was revealed, but Cyrus is taking over and it’s getting old quick. All in all, it was a fairly dramatic week, with some slowness mid-week, but an exciting finale on Friday. 

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What the eff!

The week got off with a bang with the surprising and shocking death of Neil Byrne. And it wasn’t any old death, it was death by sex! I was heartbroken and angry at this turn of events because I really liked Neil and Alexis. She finally landed a good guy, now this. What is even more frustrating is his death makes their entire storyline and drama pointless. Why have Alexis sacrifice her career for love, only to take that love away? In another shocking twist, Neil’s death was from an overdose. Are we now going to have to predictably watch Alexis fall off the wagon?

Nina and Nelle

While Nelle is still missing in action, her locket was shown on the ground presumably somewhere near the cliff she tumbled over. Meanwhile, Nina is getting closer to learning the truth, which Valentin seemed very upset by. It feels like a big twist is coming and the powers are be are setting it up that Valentin has known all along Nelle was Nina’s daughter. Perhaps it will come out that the real reason he hired Sasha was to protect Nina from Nelle? It would be a way to somewhat redeem him in Nina’s eye, and lead to a triangle between her, Jax and Valentin.


Last week I questioned why Sasha and Chase couldn’t come clean with Willow and Michael now that they safely have Wiley. This week Chase had a similar thought, while Sasha just kept spiraling downwards. Unfortunately by time Chase gets around to revealing the truth, it might be too late. Michael and Willow are growing closer at an alarming rate, even sharing a kiss. Someone spare us from this couple! Michael and Willow are about exciting as watching paint dry. Actually, watching paint dry is more entertaining. They do nothing but talk about Wiley.

A day at the track

Sonny gave Mike a big treat by taking him to the track on one of his better days. As touching and sweet as their scenes were, and remarkably acted as always, the show is really dragging out Mike’s inevitable death. As sad as it will be to see Mike go, it’s time to rip that bandaid off and stop the torture. A person can survive only for so long without eating enough food.

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Here we go again

Out of the blue, Alex called Anna and begged her to meet her in Berlin and help her be able to return to Port Charles. Anna turned to Valentin for help dealing with her sister, who is determined to return home to her family. It looks like we will hopefully be getting answers about Peter’s parentage soon. If Alex does turn out to be his mother, he’ll likely spiral out of control seeing both his parents are criminals. And in a great Friday cliffhanger, Spinelli called Peter out on everything Nelle told him while at Brando’s garage. At first, I wondered what he was thinking, Peter could make him disappear. But later a desperate Peter called Valentin for help, and it was all caught on the camera Jason planted in the garage. I would love to believe we are soon going to see Peter finally go down, but I am afraid to get my hopes up.

The Cyrus show

What used to be The Sonny Show has quickly become The Cyrus Show, and it’s gotten old fast. He ousted Monica and Bobbie at General Hospital likely to install his own cronies and what, use the hospital to funnel his drugs? At least we learned Brando did not do Jason dirty for Cyrus, and it was one of his henchmen who tampered with Jason’s bike. While Sam continued to remain suspicious, Jason pieced together the correct scenario that Cyrus was behind his bike and the beating.

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