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Deconstructing GH: The dull, or lull, before May Sweeps

April 24 - 28

While it wasn’t a bad week in Port Charles, it wasn’t a thrilling one either. A lot of the stories from last week continued to slowly drag out, I assume because they are waiting to pull out the big surprises for May sweeps.

Who’s that girl?
Anna, or whoever she is, continued to drive a wedge between Nina and Valentin, and seemed to enjoy doing it. Reader ‘Marz M’ commented on Anna in our daily recaps that, “It’s like a neon sign flashing in brightly colored lights- NOT ANNA! They aren’t even trying to be subtle about it anymore.” It was obvious she’s not Anna. She has a giant British picture frame on her desk, and asked Griffin to respect her “priv-ah-cy,” emphasis on the proper British pronunciation. Of course, “Anna” not knowing about her own blood cancer and the importance of her blood treatments sealed the deal that this isn’t Anna, but likely her sister Alex. Part of me hopes it’s Obrecht once again playing the part of Anna. Where has Dr. O been recently? Hmm!

Samira Samira, banana fanna fo schmira.
I commented in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Samira and the painting storyline has been a bore and not an exciting departure story for Jane Elliot. Other viewers have gotten frank on Twitter about how much they dislike this storyline. While everyone is being hard on Tracy for not handing that damn painting over to Samira, I’ve started to wonder if Tracy’s been right not to trust Samira. Samira hasn’t given any proof at all that she has a daughter who has been kidnapped by human traffickers. I polled viewers on Twitter about this and they overwhelmingly think Samira is pulling a con.

Rewritten history.
While some viewers on’s message boards are not enjoying the storyline of Jake’s past, I am. However the rewriting of Jason’s history is somewhat annoying. Last week I commented that we didn’t know for sure Jason was on ice the entire time Helena had him. Well, she claimed he was, and Robin was supposed to be working on reviving him for a while, but it seems they are going to hope we just accept that perhaps Jason was alive and under Helena’s control for some time. Perhaps whatever she had him do is what landed him in Helena’s cryogenic capsule. With soaps sometimes you just have to accept rewritten history for the sake of the story.

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Drugs are bad, okay!
Surprise surprise, Finn’s drug test came back positive. I called this last week and speculated Brad would tamper with Finn’s tests. How could Finn have not seen this? Reader ‘Dubbs’ commented in our daily recap that, “ I’m surprised by Griffin. I thought he was smarter than this. My first thought would have been to run the test over, seeing as Brad runs the lab and clearly has issues with Finn and it’s not like Brad is above tampering with a lab result.” Exactly! This storyline just keeps getting worse.

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Corinthos vs. Corinthos.
One storyline that was exciting was Sonny and Carly going at one another. Sonny having Jax deported was the wrong move that pushed Carly over the edge. In a great twist, Diane reminded Sonny that he had put all his legal assets in Carly’s name last year when he feared he’d be sent to prison for Morgan’s death. He never took possession back, so Carly is holding all the cards. I really can’t feel sorry for Sonny because he’s done this to himself. Sure, Carly isn’t guilt free given she jumped into bed with Jax, but had Sonny not lied about Nelle then maybe all of this could have been avoided. Alexis recommended a lawyer to Carly, who I really hope turns out to be Nora Buchanan.

Tracy vs. life
Friday’s show where Tracy literally saw her life flash before her eyes was the highlight of the week. Even though the “this is your life” tactic has been done to death by other shows, and we all knew Tracy would turn over a new leaf and give Samira the painting, it was still a good episode. It was great seeing all the old flashbacks of Tracy, along with Lila, Edward and Alan. I still feel the painting storyline has been a flop overall, but this episode at least made it a little more tolerable. Man, Tracy was a witch!

These are simply my opinions on the week. Please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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