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Deconstructing GH: Julian & Alexis’ reunion had viewers hot & bothered

April 17 - 21

It was another week of dysfunctional couples making poor choices in Port Charles. Other stories like Ava and Morgan’s meds, and Jake’s mysterious past, continued to drag out and only started to get good in the final moments of Friday’s show.

Closure sex.
Julian finally revealed himself to Alexis, after weeks of stalking her, and the two quickly hit the sheets. It was a hot reunion, but it was very short. Not just because Julian was swiftly arrested after Sam tracked his location, but because Alexis told Julian that she just needed one last piece of him before saying goodbye. I didn’t realize closure sex was a thing. Then again it makes sense to me because before you go on a diet you should get to eat all the bad stuff in your house. Many fans of Julian and Alexis were thrilled with their reunion, but some are still missing the strong Alexis who has been reduced to a blubbering alcoholic over Julian. I miss her too, and lawyer Alexis.

It’s time for a DNA test to determine who the father is.
I called it a week or so back that Samira, the mysterious woman at the monastery in Turkey, would end up somehow being Edward’s illegitimate daughter. Samira-Tracy-Painting-GH-CD Now she’s come to Port Charles seeking Tracy’s help getting her own daughter back, who has been taken by human traffickers. I keep waiting for this storyline to get exciting, but so far, the only good thing has been Tracy and Laura’s scenes together.

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Carly and Sonny are both infuriating.
Watching Sonny and Carly continue to go at it remained painful. Michael tried to be the voice of reason with his father, but Sonny wouldn’t hear it because he’s so blinded by hurt and hate. One of these days it would be great to see Michael give his father and family the finger and decide to concentrate on his own happiness. You know things are bad when Nelle and Jax are the civil ones and you catch yourself wondering, “Maybe Nelle really isn’t that awful?” I liked that Nelle helped get Jax off the hook with the authorities over the whole organ trafficking incident, but Carly might be right and Nelle is still playing games. It is foolish of Nelle to think she can apologize and everyone will get over what she did. Then there is Sonny, who it seems turned Jax into the feds over the organ trafficking and got him tossed out of the country for good. Maybe Sonny and Nelle should hook up, because both of them are great at making it hard to like them.

Will the real Anna please stand up?
I thought in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Valentin and Anna as a couple might not happen considering Anna’s out to bring him down. However, many viewers have noticed that since Anna returned from her trip to the WSB that she has been acting strange. She’s wearing dresses, she’s having tea, and she’s acting more British than she normally does. They speculate it’s Anna’s sister Alex who is in town, and Anna is being held somewhere. It’s an interesting idea, and could keep Anna and Valentin as a potential couple alive.

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A scarecrow walked into a bar.
Franco deduced that Jake is afraid of Jason because he doesn’t want his parents to see his timeline drawings, but Liz has already seen it. In an interesting twist, Franco was partially correct. Jake isn’t afraid of NuJason, but he is afraid of the older one, aka Steve Burton. Though Jason was missing for a while, and he may not always have been on ice, I think Jason is the scarecrow in Jake’s drawing, and Helena made him do awful things he has no memory of. With Steve Burton having departed The Young and the Restless, it would be an interesting twist if “GH” somehow snagged him again to play into this storyline.

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From bad to worse.
After watching Finn fail to try and go through withdrawals and get clean on his own, he finally admitted he was an addict who needed help. Monica told him he needed to get into rehab, and it would be up to the board to decide when he finished if he still had a job. Fast forward one day where Finn is instead in an outpatient program and back at work at General Hospital. Oh brother! I was looking forward to a better storyline for Finn and Hayden, now it just seems we are going to watch a vengeful Brad try and sabotage him every chance he gets.

As always, this is simply an opinion piece. Feel free to leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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