Deconstructing GH: A Possible Paxie Baby & Wiley’s Trial Leave Viewers Hanging

May 17 - 21:

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Sadly this is the last week of new General Hospital episodes. The entire week and Thursday’s final episode (since they ran out of episodes due to the pandemic) were fantastic and left us with a number of dilemmas we can’t wait to get answers to. 

Hell freezes over again

I remarked hell froze over in last week’s Deconstructing GH when Sonny and Ava were civil to one another. This week it happened again when Sam apologized to Brando for going off on him like a total crazy person. Alexis pointing out how she could see why Molly would jump his bones because he was cute, and Sam claiming to not see it, was a fun little moment. I had theorized two weeks back that the powers that be could be setting something up here. Between Kristina telling Sam that she and Jason’s relationship thrives on drama, Jason telling Sam they had to stay apart and the tension between Brando and Sam… I won’t be shocked if their next confrontation results in a kiss.

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Alexis’ future

Alexis is facing an uncertain future after being disbarred and told Sam appealing the decision is pointless because perjury is one of the top sins a lawyer can commit. This storyline has its plusses and its minuses. On the plus side, it might be a way to re-invent Alexis’ character, which has been in a rut for years. She can also pursue a relationship with Neil, but with both their careers destroyed, it may not be easy for them and there likely will be some underlying resentment. On the minus side, Alexis is a joy to watch in court along with her bestie Diane. How can we be deprived of those future scenes? As I’ve noted before, everyone under the sun on this show that has lost a license eventually gets it reinstated.

More pointless drama

Franco and Liz’s fight over their friendships with Ava and Nikolas, and Franco’s insensitive comments, reflected fights and problems real-life couples might face. Unfortunately, we watch soaps for escapism, fun, and over-the-top drama. Watching a couple have a fight we might have with our own significant other is not must-see TV. Given everything these two have faced and survived, this is chump change.

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Sonny’s lingering

Slowly, Sonny is finally accepting the truth that Mike is slipping away. Liz believes he’s only holding on for Sonny’s sake at this point but is ready to go. Of course Liz, Carly and Michael’s advice about Mike to Sonny has gone in one ear and out the other. Liz had to go through Jason to get the point to Sonny. Naturally, Sonny starts to listen when Jason gives him advice. Watching Mike laying there in this vegetative state is heartbreaking and as sad as it will be to say goodbye, it is time.

Wiley’s fate

The hearing to decide Wiley’s fate began, with Nelle announcing her marriage to Julian. Seriously? If Nelle gets away with this, then Chase and Sasha’s affair scheme was all for nothing. Sasha looks like a saint compared to Julian. At least everyone acknowledged this was a bad move on Nelle’s part. Even though I shouldn’t have, I actually felt bad for Julian. He never meant to hurt Lucas when he rigged Brad’s car, and now he’s lost  Lucas and Sam’s trust again and is stuck with Nelle. Maybe letting the truth come out and taking his chances with Sonny is a better alternative at this point. At the end of Thursday’s episode, Nina entered the courtroom prepared to testify. I had really hoped that she would have seen Nelle with the locket before we were sent into re-runs. The highlight of the trial was Diane’s Colonel Sanders’ joke about Martin. “Is that your southern fried opinion?” As always, Diane was hilarious and spot on!

The teen scene

Thanks to Dev, Joss finally knows Cam has a thing for her. Or perhaps had a thing is the reality of the situation. Cam has clearly moved on and is pining after Trina, but Trina still thinks Cam wants Joss. Now Joss knows, but what or who does she want? Does anyone care? Cam and Trina have intense chemistry and will hopefully get together. Unfortunately, Joss is Carly’s daughter, and it wouldn’t be shocking if she decides she wants Cam and resorts to scheming to get him.

A Paxie baby

One of the big cliffhangers on Thursday was the reveal that Maxie, who was faint, nauseous and had no appetite to eat, could possibly be pregnant. Dear lord no! At this point, the child will be eighteen before Peter’s crimes are finally exposed. Peter needs to be held accountable. It’s long overdue that he gets what’s coming to him. Plus it would mean the return of Obrecht.

These are simply my opinions. Please join the conversation and let me know yours! General Hospital columns will resume when new episodes begin airing.

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