Deconstructing GH: The Dysfunctional Davis Sisters Topped Off a Tension Filled Week

May 4 - 8:

Sam and Kristina fight on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, fights erupted left and right, and bad news seemed to be around every corner. Also the flashbacks returned with Thursday’s show, which was almost entirely flashbacks and characters recapping what has been happening. If they insist on showing flashbacks, at least show interesting ones. 

Trouble for Friz

Ava and Nikolas’ marriage from hell is now impacting Liz and Franco’s relationship, along with the upcoming ten year anniversary of his art show from hell. Given Liz and Franco just overcame the memory swap storyline, can the powers that be let Franco and Liz be happy for a while? Also, this was a case where they could have used more interesting flashbacks.

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Confusing plots

While Nina is contemplating Nelle’s request to be a character witness for her at the hearing for Wiley, which is scheduled tomorrow in Port Charles’ time, Carly is frantic Nelle might win over Michael. Me? I’m wondering when exactly Michael and Willow are going to get married given that was the whole purpose of Sasha and Chase’s plan to make them think they were having an affair. It seems like they are out of time?

Career suicide

Neil and Alexis’ affair and decision to lie about it has resulted in tanking both of their careers. Neil’s been stripped of his medical license and Alexis has been disbarred. I may be in the minority, but I enjoy Neil and Alexis together. Even though they broke the rules in having a relationship, he’s good for her. However, this storyline is the pits. We’ve already watched Alexis destroy her career before, now she’s repeating history. And if Britt can have her medical license restored, so can Neil.

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The Davis sister drama

I ranted in last week’s Deconstructing GH Sam’s confrontation with Brando over his and Molly’s one night stand was way out of line. This week the Davis sisters continued to argue about what Molly should or shouldn’t do, which led to an epic fight between Kristina and Sam. When Sam blew up and blamed Kristina’s Dawn of Day drama for the reason she and Jason couldn’t be together, Kristina let her sister have it. She finally told Sam what many fans have been saying for years, that Sam would always come second in Jason’s life to Sonny and Carly, and Sam and Jason’s relationship couldn’t survive without some kind of drama. Bravo Kristina!

What happened to Holly

Robert, Mac, Felicia and Anna got together to mourn Holly. . And viewers still don’t know what happened to her. Naturally, Peter appears to possibly be involved, meeting with an associate and blasting them for killing Holly Sutton when all he wanted was Robert distracted. The thug assured Peter that they were only trailing Holly when the incident happened. Do we believe them though? And what is the incident? Whatever it is, Anna thinks there is more to the WSB’s report on it. As I have said before, to kill Holly off like this is terrible, but it’s making for the most interesting story right now. They already killed her off-screen once before back in 1987, but brought her back years later. I refuse to believe she is dead and this story really has my interest piqued. Holly also has a look-alike half-sister who could eventually come into play in all of this. And couldn’t we have gotten some classic Robert and Holly flashbacks?

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One note Brook Lynn

Brook Lynn’s latest victim as a result of her hot-headed temper was Sasha, who she clocked in the nose. And when she tore up Chase’s citation, he arrested her once again. At this point, Brook Lynn just needs to be left in jail. She is serving absolutely no purpose on the show and is aggravating as hell.

As always this is an opinion piece. Please join the conversation and leave your own thoughts in the comments.

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