Deconstructing GH: Sasha & Chase’s Plan Is Ridiculously Apparent to Everyone but Michael & Willow

April 27 - May 1:

Willow sees Chase and Sasha making out on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, Chase and Sasha’s plan wasn’t working as well as they hoped, Nelle was as nauseating as ever, Sam needed to mind her business, and the showdown of the Dons has been a big yawn so far.

Sasha and Chase’s not so brilliant plan

I ranted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, Willow and Michael not figuring out Chase and Sasha’s affair was a bunch of bull was disappointing. Fortunately, Finn saw through his brother’s lies and pushed him to come clean with Willow. Sadly, and stupidly, Chase didn’t take Finn’s advice. It was shocking that Carly didn’t immediately suspect something was off when Michael told her about Sasha cheating on him, but when she confronted Sasha, she sniffed out the lies she was spewing. With two people quickly figuring out what is really going on, how long will it take Michael and Willow to do so? Hopefully, they do before they inevitably get to the altar and actually fall in love as Sasha predicts will happen.

Naughty or nice

Watching Nelle attempt to be nice to people has been nauseating. Nina seems to be quickly falling under her spell, and it will only get worse once she learns Nelle is her daughter. Though I am looking forward to Nina going head to head with Carly! But Nelle going around apologizing to Willow and trying to be civil with Michael… It’s just too much. She’s still lying about Brad stealing her baby, and can’t fake being nice for an extensive period of time before snapping. She’s got a long way to go if she wants that Carly style redemption do-over.

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Molly and Brando’s one-night stand

Kristina’s reaction to Molly confessing her one-night stand with Brando was downright hilarious, especially her comments about Molly sampling some other goods. I found Molly and the original TJ to be cute as a teen romance, but the new TJ has barely been on, and the chemistry just isn’t there. Brando and Molly, however, seemed to click immediately, and so far Johnny Wactor has been impressive in all his scenes. And anyone who can basically stifle Sam gets a thumbs up from me. Sam really had no right to insert herself into Molly’s business and read Brando the riot act as if he was the one who had done something wrong. Perhaps their explosive meeting is a way to set them up for a romance later on. It would be a soapy thing to do for the lonely Sam to turn to the man who had a one-night stand with her sister, and of course the powers that be love to create drama for JaSam.

For the love of Charlotte

Valentin’s plan to self-isolate himself from Charlotte’s life didn’t go well after she overheard Lulu and Laura discussing he wasn’t going to fight Lulu for sole custody. She ran off and tried to convince her papa to run away with her, but he wouldn’t. In the end, Lulu and Valentin put their animosity aside for one another to continue to co-parent Charlotte. I’ll believe it when I see it because it hasn’t worked that well in the past. Hopefully, Lulu sees that she can’t keep Charlotte from her papa, and Valentin takes Nina’s advice to be a better man for his daughter. The conversation between the broken Valentin and Alexis was a great one because it showed what a complex character Valentin is. One minute you want to see him pay for all he’s done, and the next your feeling sorry for him. Even Alexis commented on how she kind of likes him now that they aren’t related.

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Showdown of the dons

Cyrus and Sonny came to terms regarding Cyrus staying in Port Charles, but neither trust the other, and both are planning to try and take the other out. Yawn! Wake me when this storyline gets interesting.

These are just my thoughts on the week. Please join the conversation and leave your own in the comments.

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