Deconstructing GH: The Reveal of Nina’s Long Lost Daughter Isn’t a Shock Given Limited Choices

April 6 - 9:

Nelle gloats she has a job on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, residents reacted in a variety of ways as Cyrus Renault was released from Pentonville, and two special flashback episodes gave viewers a glimpse into Carly and Nelle’s past. Are the powers that be setting Nelle up for redemption?

All hell breaks loose

I pondered in last week’s Deconstructing GH, that Taggert was still alive and was the one who Jordan contacted before she threw her entire DEA team under the bus, to make sure it was the right thing to do. She went through with it, and Cyrus was unleashed on Port Charles. The scene with Joss and Cam trying to support Trina and help her come to understand even if her father wasn’t perfect, she could still love him, was great. I’m normally not a teen scene soap person, but General Hospital cast amazing younger actors. What Trina doesn’t know, but the audience does, is that her father along with Jordan and the other team members did frame Cyrus.

JaSam was another casualty of Cyrus’ release, with Jason insisting he and Sam stay apart because Cyrus would be targeting him and he didn’t want to risk her being caught in the crossfire. Bravo to Jason for thinking about their family and putting it first. Sam needed convincing and finally gave in. It was nice to see Jason’s character growing, Sam… not so much. Meanwhile, Jeff Kober continued to shine as the villain Cyrus. When he told Laura that he would gain her respect, I got chills. Oh, what does he have in store for Port Charles?

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Molly, you’re in trouble

Last week I also rolled my eyes hard at Molly flirting with Brando right after being fake dumped by TJ through Jordan, who was simply trying to convince Molly to stop asking questions about her missing son and move on. Well low and behold, she slept with Brando, only for TJ to resurface. Molly learned the partial truth through Sam that TJ had been kidnapped and held hostage, but no other details. Naturally, she begged Brando not to say anything, claiming she had made a terrible mistake. Reunited with TJ, he proposed they become domestic partners instead of husband and wife. Molly accepted, and now we all wait for this to implode. Brando has clearly fallen hard, and we know this won’t stay a secret. Jordan was hard and horrid to Molly last week to convince her to forget about TJ. Now when this comes out, I can’t imagine what she will unleash upon her. Of course, given Jordan’s own history with infidelity, that would make her a huge hypocrite, but that usually doesn’t matter on soaps when the drama and slaps are more important.

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The big reveal of the week

Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes were dedicated to the story of Nelle versus Carly and riddled with far too many flashbacks than needed. I could have done without reliving Nightmare on Nelle Street. Mixed in were flashbacks of Carly and Nelle’s past, acted out by various current General Hospital actors playing the parts. This included the roles of Frank Benson (James Patrick Stewart, Valentine), Virginia Benson (Cynthia Watros, Nina Reeves), a young Carly (Eden McCoy, Joss Jacks) and Willow Rose as a young Nelle. These were enlightening and entertaining, and well-acted. James Patrick Stuart really showed his versatility in playing Frank and displayed a huge range and departure from Valentin. Of course, the whole point of this was Nelle begging for the forgiveness Carly had earned in Port Charles. At the end of Thursday’s episode, she retorted to her bedroom and the cigar box of the pile of returned letters from Frank to Carly. We also saw the baby rattle she showcased before, but we the viewers got a glimpse of the second half of Nina’s locket in the box. Yes, Nelle appears to be Nina’s biological daughter. Weeks ago I speculated the powers that be were going here. With so many viewers convinced they were going to make Willow her daughter, this appears to be the only shocking twist option left. But it’s not a shock. I would have preferred Sasha be her daughter, in a complete upside down and backward twist, over Nelle. This smells of a Nelle redemption plot.

These are only my thoughts on the week. Please join the conversation and leave your own, and continue to stay well and safe!

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