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Deconstructing GH: Clashes and crumbling couples delight and disappoint

April 10 - 14

Things didn’t go as some viewers might have hoped for a few couples this week. Carly and Sonny imploded once again, and hopes for something between Anna and Valentin were squashed. Even Valentin and Nina seem to be teetering on the edge. At least Lulu had a good week for once!

Liz takes a stand.
I was so happy to see Liz finally stand up to Jason and Sam and point out that while they may hate Franco, she and Jake love him, and Jake seems to be opening up to him the most. Jake left Franco another drawing of him hiding behind a tree and looking at the scarecrow, and it seems Franco is going to do his own digging into what it may mean.

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Not the payoff fans wanted.
As I discussed in last week’s Deconstructing GH, viewers were looking for a payoff when the truth about Nelle was exposed, but this might not have been what many wanted. Carly repeated the same mistake she did last fall, and went further, by jumping into bed with Jax. Oh brother! Sonny let her have it, and likely won’t be forgiven by Carly anytime soon because he called her a whore who spreads her legs for the first man that comes along. Then again, I don’t think Sonny is going to forgive her for jumping Jax’s bones either. It’s just getting hard to root for these two as a couple anymore. Nelle turning up on Carly’s doorstep to try and apologize and move on was just a joke.

Super spy Anna is on the case.
The Anna/Valentin/Nina storyline was the best one of the week in my opinion. I couldn’t believe that jealous Nina attempted to slap Anna. Of course, Anna being a super spy pinned her to the table easily, which was amazing. It was pretty obvious that Anna had bugged the watch she gave Valentin as a peace offering. He suspected it as well, but Anna was crafty and hid the bug in the watch band. It looks like Valentin and Anna as a potential couple are DOA, which is a shame because they were hot together. Anna told Andre she’s bringing him down for being a criminal. She clearly learned a lot more during her trip to the WSB than even we know. Perhaps now that Andre has stopped chasing after Jordan he and Anna can explore that spark that existed between them.

A mother scorned.
While the Anna and Valentin story is currently my favorite, Genie Francis won the entire week when she gave Valentin hell and played on his insecurities to the point that he resorted back to his stutter. It was an amazing scene, and I’m glad she isn’t letting Nikolas’ death go unavenged. I still would like to think Valentin has Nik hidden away somewhere so that Valentin could be redeemed.

Bonding time.
It was great to see Lulu acting like a mother and not a lunatic as usual during her scheduled visit with Charlotte. The scenes with Charlotte and Lulu were adorable, and the girl’s confusion over how she should feel about Lulu was a moving scene. This little actress is simply amazing. Between Anna playing games with Valentin, Laura threatening him, and Nina starting to realize he’s a louse, I’m going to bet it is Valentin who starts acting insane and he’ll do something to cause the courts to finally question his having custody of Charlotte.

Tracy’s big adventure.
Tracy returned home with her painting, but not much else happened with her story. This was a bummer, especially since they left us with a cliffhanger last week by revealing a young girl hiding in the monastery. Seeing that Jane Elliot is leaving General Hospital next month, at least we can be sure this is one story the writers won’t drop for weeks on end.

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Rehab awaits.
Finn finally came clean with Monica about his addiction and is off the rehab. Hallelujah! The end of this storyline is hopefully in sight and maybe they’ll find a better one for Finn and Hayden. I did enjoy seeing Brad’s scheme to expose Finn to Monica in hopes of getting a payday backfire. I am really remembering what a jerk Brad is and thinking Lucas probably should have picked Felix.

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These are my opinions on the week’s episodes. Please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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