Deconstructing GH: Many Viewers Still Don’t Believe That Taggert Is Really Dead

March 30 - April 2:

Taggert tells Jordan he's not out for justice at station General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, Jordan put the plan in motion to free Cyrus, Michael got more bad news about Wiley, and Brook Lynn is trying to re-launch her career. Jordan’s and Julian’s actions caused some people’s blood to boil. All in all, it was an entertaining week.

Not out of the woods

After Wiley’s surgery, Monica revealed the boy would need another procedure as his condition was greater than they thought. While Carly locking Nelle on the roof overnight, forging the consent forms and then everyone looking the other way while Nelle ranted away about what they did to her was good for a chuckle, it also was a really a stupid stunt. Nelle could use it against Michael in court as she pointed out. It’s obvious all of this is to force the issue again of Michael and Willow getting married to get full custody of Wiley. They should just get on with that wedding.

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Tattling on Taggert

Right before telling internal affairs that Taggert and her other partners framed Cyrus, Jordan made a call on a burner phone to ask someone to tell her if what she was about to do was okay. The only person we’ve seen her talking to on a burner phone lately is Harmony, but that conversation didn’t seem like it was with Harmony. Once again it appears Taggert really could be alive, and it was him she was calling to ask permission to throw him under the bus. When Jordan, Portia and Curtis told Trina of her father’s “crime,” she refused to believe it and lashed out at them. It was heartbreaking to watch how hurt she was. Sydney Mikayla deserves a younger actor Daytime Emmy for her job in this story.

Brook Lynn and Dusty

I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH Lulu wronged Brook Lynn by exposing her social media blunder. It was nice to see Olivia tell her as much, and accusing her of taking advantage of the mistake. Olivia really hit home pointing out she still thought of them as family, and her stunt hurt her other family. With her tail between her legs, Lulu apologized to Brook Lynn, who now wants to work with Dustin to write a hit song. Surprisingly, Lulu pushed him to do it. No idea where this is going, but with Brook Lynn involved, probably nowhere good.

Moving on Molly

Molly rejecting TJ’s proposal because she doesn’t believe in marriage never sat well with me, especially given how long they had been together. It was lazy writing and was done simply to facilitate a cover for TJ’s kidnapping by Cyrus. Now to get Molly to stop asking questions, Jordan called her a brat and blamed TJ leaving on her, and basically told her to move on. Damn, that was harsh. I won’t feel bad if Jordan loses her job when all of this is said and done, and hopefully, it’s given back to Mac. Later, an upset Molly crashed her car and found herself at Brando’s garage, and sparks between them flew. How about we slow down Molly. You just got faked dumped by TJ’s mom and are already flirting with a new guy.

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Sneaky Charlotte

Charlotte is turning out to be a chip off the block of both her parents’ ability to scheme, at even a young age. While spending time with Jax and Charlotte, Nina later discovered Jax flat on the floor of Kelly’s. He swore it was an accident and he tripped. More like he was tripped! Even Nina was suspicious, casting Charlotte a suspicious glance. It would seem Charlotte doesn’t approve of Nina’s new friend.

Good job Jules

Julian disappointment me in how he handled learning Neil and Alexis slept together. Many Julexis fans are still hoping their couple will reunite, but his exposing Neil and Alexis sleeping together in front of half the hospital nursing staff is just another nail in their coffin. He convinced himself that Neil took advantage of Alexis, in spite of Britt telling him she was clearly into the doctor. With the truth out, it’s bound to get back to the medical board. Alexis could also face trouble for her part in the lie, and she’s already lost her license to practice law once before. Alexis, in tears, telling Julian he clearly has never understood her and to go to hell was powerful acting!

This is an opinion piece and reflects mine alone. I invite you to join the discussion and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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