Deconstructing GH: Between Nelle, Peter, Cyrus, the Bad Guys Are Winning Too Much Lately

March 23 - 27:

Sam and Spinelli listen to Alexis and Deloris General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, the hospital was a hot seat of action, as was the Metro Court and the offices of Deception and Crimson. Sam and Jason’s self-isolating from one another has grown tiresome, Nelle remained as aggravating as usual, and Violet stole our hearts.  

What Port Charles needs is more Violet

Violet stole the show on Monday’s episode with Anna, Finn, and Peter. It was heartbreaking watching her initially turn down Anna and Finn’s suggestion that she be a part of their wedding because she didn’t want a new mommy. Eventually, Finn and Anna made her see they weren’t looking to replace Hayden, who really needs to be brought back. Violet shines in every scene she is in, and even makes Peter tolerable when she shares scenes with him.

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Family betrayal

After Brook Lynn’s social media blunder cost ELQ a huge deal, Ned fired her, which set up her agreeing to sell her ELQ shares to Linc. This storyline with Valentin wanting to take over ELQ still isn’t resonating with me.

Deception, not just a perfume

I raved in last week’s Deconstructing GH, Maxie quitting Crimson could really open her character up to new possibilities. Unfortunately, she and Sasha have gotten themselves into bed with Valentin, thanks to Lucy making a deal with the Cassadine to fund Deception. Yet another storyline involving Valentin and his mysterious plan to do what, dominate all of Port Charles?

Meanwhile, Nina agreed to hire Nelle as her new assistant at Crimson, though only as a way to undermine her for the upcoming custody hearing. While a smart idea, can Nina really compete with Nelle? Nelle has a way of turning the tables on everyone. And once again, Nina’s suddenly looking at her Annie half-heart locket all the time. Hopefully, this means we will finally learn who her daughter is, though many are starting to wonder if the powers that be are going to make Nelle turn out to be Nina’s long lost daughter. The horror!

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Dirty Deloris

Sam and Spinelli found themselves in a world of trouble with Deloris, who they caught having an affair with a councilman. This whole storyline is infuriating. Somehow Deloris still ended up holding all the cards and threatened to send Sam and Spinelli to jail. Okay… and? They can still bust her and the councilman from behind bars and end their careers. Deloris shouldn’t have been able to get away that easily. Alexis was called in to save their butts, but between what is going on with Neil and Sam snapping at her mother in a disgusting manner and calling her a coward, Alexis gave in and drank. Fortunately, she stopped at one and didn’t get plastered, and was forced to turn to Julian to pick her up. Here is hoping Alexis doesn’t spiral out of control with her drinking again.

New hospital members

Not only are Portia and Neil now on staff at General Hospital, but so is “The Britch!” Yup, Britt is back temporarily filling as a replacement for Kim Nero. Please oh please General Hospital, find a way to keep her around on a more permanent basis. Like her mother Obrecht, she’s such a fun character. The hospital is starting to feel revitalized with all the new and returning staff.

Dealing with Cyrus

Sonny and Jason figured out TJ was being held hostage and Cyrus was forcing Jordan to help him. While they are trying to figure out how to give Cyrus what he wants and take him down, Laura is also busy dealing with Cyrus in her own way as mayor. It’s great seeing Laura being involved in this storyline, and it would be nice to see her be the one to bring Cyrus down. At this point, it would be nice to see just one bad guy on this show go down. Between Cyrus, Peter, and Nelle, the villains are getting away with everything!

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