Deconstructing GH: A Classic Cat Fight Is a Nice End to a Slow Week

March 16 - 20:

Brook Lynn and Lulu fight on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital felt like more of a slow burn. As if we are building up to something, but what that is is anyone’s guess. Many would like to see the takedown of Peter, but the powers that be likely aren’t in any hurry to bring him down. The end of Nelle looks nowhere in sight either.

Team up and takedown

I mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing GH Spinelli and Jason still suspect Peter is guilty and seemed to be the only ones. Fortunately, Robert also isn’t buying Obrecht’s guilt and has proposed working with her to prove Peter has set her up. Things must be pretty desperate when Robert is agreeable to working with Obrecht. Watching Robert and Obrecht help take Peter down will be far more delicious than just Jason and Spinelli doing it alone.

Cyrus’ dirty work

Harmony started giving Jordan orders from Cyrus, and we learned that she is fearful for Willow’s safety. So Cyrus is threatening Willow to get Harmony to work for him? It still doesn’t explain how she got mixed up with him in the first place. Some viewers have suggested Cyrus was involved with Shilo, and perhaps he knows her secret she pledged to Dawn of Day, which he’s holding over her. Harmony worked hard to turn her life around, it would be disappointing if she is backsliding. Hopefully, her actions really are to protect Willow.

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Brando undercover or not

Brando has been on many viewers’ radars since he mysteriously showed up to save Carly. This week Brando told Sonny since his business was constantly finding a way into his life that he might as well help him in whatever way he can. Sonny shot him down, and it just seemed very suspicious. This story is echoing Jordan’s, and it won’t be surprising if Brando is working to take down Cyrus for the DEA or government.

Sure Jan

Curtis finally confronted Portia about whether Trina was his child, but she claimed she was Taggert’s. Sure Jan! At least we know their history now, and that Portia was married to Taggert but told Curtis she was single, which he eventually found out was a lie. Now we wait and see if Portia was telling the truth, or if Trina is Curtis’ child and she doesn’t even know it.

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Kissy kissy

Cam and Trina, bonding over their shared experience, finally shared a kiss. It’s about time! Joss who? These two actors are fantastic and really click together on screen. Hopefully, they will explore a relationship with one another and not try and pretend the kiss didn’t happen or was a mistake.

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Maxie’s future

Good for Maxie for finally standing up to Nina and demanding she is paid what she’s worth for constantly doing her job when her life falls apart every thirteen weeks. What a great line that was too, and so true! It was nice to see her finally put herself and her career first and resign to work at Deception. The whole situation gave us a glimpse of the feisty Maxie we haven’t seen in a while. This could be a great fresh start for her character, something more to do than moon over Peter.

Marrying Michael

The storyline many have seen coming from a mile away looks to be around the corner. Even though Michael, Chase and Willow all disagreed with Sasha’s idea for Willow to marry Michael to try and beat Nelle in court. Nelle likely will make a move which will force Willow and Michael to inevitably get married. Hopefully, this storyline doesn’t carry on as long as the original baby swap one did.

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Social media mess up

Brook Lynn has become a walking disaster that blows-up everything she touches. While Lulu was only doing her job, if this was anyone else, Lulu likely wouldn’t have used such a mistake as Brook Lynn made to her advantage. It was pretty petty of her. On the other hand, Brook Lynn has been horrid towards Lulu. And it all resulted in a glorious catfight, one of the best we’ve seen in years!

These are simply my thoughts on the week’s shows. Please join the conversation by leaving your own in the comments.


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