Deconstructing GH: Taggert’s Death Was a Huge Shock, Nelle Going Free Not So Much

March 2 - 6

Taggert tells Jordan he's not out for justice at station General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital a major death rocked Port Charles and shocked fans of the show. Trina’s mother entered the picture. Anna seems blinder than ever to Peter’s crimes. And Port Charles once again proves to be the best fictional town to commit a crime in.

First major casualty

I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH a major character should die to make Cyrus’ vendetta realistic. Taggert was shot rescuing Trina and Cam from Cyrus’ men, but everything hinted he was going to pull through. Suddenly a blood clot formed and he was gone. Many fans immediately suspected his death was faked, and Sonny was hiding him out to protect him. However, Real Andrews confirmed Taggert was dead. This was definitely unexpected, a huge shock. His death has pushed Curtis to want to work with Sonny and Jason to stop Cyrus, but Jordan downright refused. Her stubbornness was infuriating. Meanwhile, Laura was a total badass confronting Cyrus and pulling strings to have him put in solitary confinement.

Trina’s mother

Brook Kerr joined General Hospital as Trina’s mother, Dr. Portia Robinson. I have been a fan of the actress since Passions, and Sydney Mikayla is probably my favorite of the younger cast, so I’m thrilled to see them introducing her family. However, Portia did a verbal number on Ava. Ava and Trina’s friendship has been great, and she better not screw with it. Many viewers on Twitter also didn’t like how Portia spoke to Ava.

A few weeks ago Trina took an ancestry DNA test and learned she had a close relative match in Port Charles but wasn’t going to pursue it. Whether the powers that be intend to follow through that story remains to be seen, but it would be an interesting way to further beef up her family.

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Leave Obrecht alone

Peter has set Obrecht up to take the fall for the attack on Franco and Andre, and Anna is falling for it hook, line and sinker. Anna has literally become one of the dumbest people in Port Charles. Dr. O would never in a million years hurt Franco, who has been her one and only friend for so long. Maxie also seemed to believe Obrecht was possibly guilty. Contact with Peter must be zapping these women’s intelligence.

Only in Port Charles

Only in Port Charles can a killer like Nelle make early parole, but also skate on assault and kidnapping charges because the Port Charles PD bungled the case and evidence conveniently went missing. Now she’s suing Michael for full custody of their son, and knowing her, she’ll somehow manage to win! Meanwhile, if Sam so much as looks at Jason she’s going to be sent back to prison. The way the law works in this town is mindboggling.

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Quartermaine drama

Ned stepped in as interim CEO of ELQ so Michael could take a month off to bond with Wiley. Michael has no idea that Ned doesn’t plan to step down when the month is over. Frankly, the fighting over ELQ is a tiresome old story that doesn’t need to be revived. Valentin’s plot to also try and gain the controlling interest of the shares of the company is equally snooze-worthy. The fact that he’s doing it because Michael dared to talk to him in an insulting manner is even more ludicrous.

These are simply my opinions on this week’s episodes. Please join the conversation below with your own thoughts!


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