Deconstructing GH: At Least This Mob War Is More Interesting Than Sonny vs. Cyrus With Jason Saving the Day

February 24 - 28:

Jason tells Sonny someone could have an accident General Hospital

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General Hospital started out relatively slow at the beginning of the week, with a lot of whining from Brook Lynn and Brad, but kicked into high gear later as Cyrus’ men made their move against Taggert and the teens found themselves in dangerous situations.

Tightening the screws

Julian’s finally beginning to face the consequences of helping Brad keep Wiley. He’s been forced to hire a top-notch lawyer to get Brad out of jail. One guess says it’s going to be Martin. Now Brook Lynn is threatening him if he doesn’t help her deal with Linc. It was nice to see Ava lend her brother a hand, though in the process she’s realized she can use Brook Lynn and Nikolas’ relationship to her own advantage in getting out of her marriage. Still, Julian and Ava have always had great sibling chemistry, and watching them scheme together should be entertaining. Hopefully, they find a way to stick it to Brook Lynn, because her entitlement issues are headache-inducing. It was great to see Olivia fire her and Ned cut the brat off.

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Willow’s heartbreak continues

Watching Willow continue to struggle with coming to terms with the truth is gutwrenching. Listening to her talk about her baby dying all alone, with nobody there who loved him, then to be handed over to Nelle and mourned by Michael who was grieving the wrong child was a punch in the stomach. And for her to question if things would have turned out differently if she kept the baby, heartbreaking! Michael asking her to remain a part of Wiley’s life as an aunt-like figure was a kind gesture on his part.

Oh Molly

We haven’t seen much of Molly in a while, but her latest return has been nothing but her harping on weddings and the bridal industry, not knowing that poor TJ was planning to propose. It became tiresome fast. And when TJ finally did propose, she turned him down because she’s been turned off marriage by her mother’s failed marriages. This storyline came out of nowhere and felt forced as if the powers that be just wanted to find something to do with Molly and TJ, who are rarely on as is.

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Unlikely partnership

Taggert made a proposition to Sonny that they work together to take down Cyrus, which Jordan initially opposed. However, one by one, Jordan, Sonny and Taggert are realizing they have no choice but to team up to take Cyrus down. If we are going to get a mob war, at least this is making it somewhat more interesting than just Sonny versus Cyrus with Jason saving the day. With Laura also vowing to do what she has to keep Port Charles safe, things are likely to get a whole lot messier before they get better.

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The winter formal

The big teen dance, that nobody made it to, was this week. Cam and Trina convinced Joss to go so they could put their plan to get Cam and Joss together into motion. However, it appears the only thing that changed Joss’ mind was learning Dustin was chaperoning. It looks like Joss has a crush!

While Cam and Trina were busy being kidnapped by their rideshare driver, Joss and Dev snuck out and were promptly caught by Brando. A fuming Carly confronted Dev with a bullet she found in his backpack, which Brando quickly deduced was a message from Cyrus. I was shocked in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Dev was being sent away to boarding school. But with this turn of events, Dev was being kept in Port Charles. Also, Brando is a sharp cookie and Sonny should consider hiring him to keep him around.

Kidnapping showdown

Curtis and Taggert set out to rescue Cam and Trina, who were kidnapped by Cyrus’ men. Sydney Mikayla (Trina) and William Lipton (Cameron) were absolutely fantastic in their scenes, and maybe this ordeal will bring them together. Jason also sprung into action, and surprisingly Taggert was shot during the gunfire exchanges. Friday’s episode ended with his apparent death. However, the teaser scenes for next week suggest he survives. If the show is going to have a mob war then at least someone major needs to be a casualty, otherwise it’s a pretty unrealistic mob war.

These are simply my thoughts and observations on this week’s episode. Please join the conversation below with your own thoughts!


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