Deconstructing GH: Complex Relationships Serve Up Old Fashion Soapy Drama

February 10 - 14:

General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital saw a break from the mob wars and an overdose of nutty Nelle and had a stronger focus on relationships. Finn and Anna’s relationship exploding has been a long time coming, and it was nice to see Valentin knocked off his pedestal. And the return of Helena was the icing on the cake of an overall great week dealing with complex relationships.

Another medical board review

Alexis agreed to testify at Neil’s hearing, though even if he gets a slap on the wrist, they still can’t be together for two years. Given that half the staff of General Hospital is still working after committing far more heinous acts, this storyline feels like a stretch just to create drama for Neil and Alexis. It’s been a long time since Alexis was happy, she deserves some fun in her life, and she and Neil have great chemistry.

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It’s hit the fan alright!

Finn and Robert haven’t been wowing me for a while now. Finn has rolled over and let Anna walk all over him for far too long, and Robert has just been a perpetual Mr. Grumpypants. However this week they were both on fire and the actors were amazing. Finn started to step up last week when he lashed out at Anna for ignoring him to chase her sister around the world for months. Now he’s turned evidence on Peter over to Sam and Jason, though it did no good because Peter was onto the game and ratted on them and Robert to the Attorney General. Robert unleashed his anger on Anna for protecting her criminal “son,” but it was nothing compared to Finn blowing up and finally walking out on her. Bravo! You could feel both of their anger through the television screen. As I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, watching Peter’s downfall will be epic when it finally happens. Maxie at least is completely delusional when it comes to him, but Anna knows better and is trying to believe anything other than what’s right in front of her. When she finally accepts and sees the truth it will shatter her.

Taking a leap

Thankfully with some prodding from a nosey Maxie and a relentless Ava, both Jax and Nina are beginning to ponder moving forward with a relationship and getting out of the friend-zone. Nina and Ava’s girl talk scenes about Jax were fantastic, and they are quickly becoming my favorite non-couple on the show. Their friend chemistry is great. Nina eventually made the move on Jax and they made love. Going from a first kiss to hopping into bed seems to be a trend on this soap lately.

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The downfall of Valentin

He may have gotten away with two attempted murders, but karma has come for Valentin finally. Watching his life crumble was epic. Not only did he learn he wasn’t a Cassadine, but he learned Nina was already moving on with Jax. James Patrick Stuart is an amazing actor and very enjoyable as Valentin, even when he’s a louse. Valentin and Nina were a great couple, but his lies and schemes were too much and it’s long overdue that he reaps what he sows. Helena’s ghostly visit, or maybe she was just Valentin’s consciousness, nicely put most of the pieces together about Valentin’s history, including the fact that Charlotte’s conception was about Helena linking her kin to Luke Spencer’s. The question of who Valentin’s father still remains and could be an interesting story.

The end in sight?

What we did see of Nelle had her in a panic after learning Brad and Lucas were planning to move to Portland. Obviously they aren’t going anywhere, but fortunately, it looks like this story finally is.

These are simply my thoughts on the week. Agree or disagree, I enjoy hearing from you in the comments!


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