Deconstructing GH: New Characters, Storylines and Mysteries Teased Amidst a Brewing Mob War

February 3 - 7:

Sonny visits Cyrus at Pentonville General Hospital

Credit: Image: ABC

With the impeachment hearings over it was great to have General Hospital back. There was a lot going on, much of which involved Sonny and a new threat against him and his family, but we also had some new storylines and mysteries teased. 

A brewing mob war

After a strike on Sonny’s territory and family by Cyrus Renault, Sonny found himself facing off with the mobster who was recently transferred to Pentonville. Jeff Kober is playing Cyrus and so far is terrific and downright terrifying. The fallout from the shooting definitely took up the bulk of the week, and some aren’t fans of the mob stories. In last week’s Deconstructing GH, many want Sonny and Jason to face the consequences of their business. It should also be interesting to watch how Sonny deals with Laura, who is now mayor and has to protect the town. This will likely be a strain on their friendship.

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A not so dead son

In the middle of the shootout at Sonny’s warehouse, Carly was saved by a mystery man who turned out to be Gladys’ not so dead son Brando. Gladys knew he was alive all along and lied about his death, but we don’t yet know the whole story. I’m really interested in Brando’s story and have come to like Gladys. However, it still seems like Gladys was up to no good when she insisted Carly show her Sonny’s warehouse.

Jordan’s secret

Jordan is finally, after all this time, getting a juicy storyline of her own. Jordan and Taggert have a secret from their DEA days, and their old friend may have died because of it. It’s been a while since General Hospital had a good mystery storyline, and especially one involving a secret from the past haunting a character’s present. Unfortunately, Curtis is getting suspicious about Taggert and caught him and Jordan in a lie about just running into one another. The honeymoon may be over for Jordan and Curtis. 

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The never-ending baby switch

One storyline that needs to come to an end is this infernal baby swap storyline involving Wiley. Nelle is plotting to milk the Quartermaines for all they will cough up, and then flee town with Wiley. Seeing how long this storyline has been going on, it wouldn’t be a shock if she got away with it and Michael learned the truth only after Nelle and Wiley were gone. Fortunately, Lucas woke up, and while predictably he doesn’t remember Brad’s confession, pieces are starting to come back. Hopefully, it all comes back to him soon.

Port Charles versus Peter

It’s great seeing several people in Port Charles teaming up to expose and bring down Peter. However, it was a little shocking that Sam has figured out everything about Peter’s game, down to the fact that he played a bigger part in the memory transfer. Then there is poor Anna who is so blind to her “son’s” faults out of guilt. Finn was spot on when he said she wasn’t seeing the truth in front of her. Bravo to Finn for finally standing up to Anna and telling her off for leaving him and going globe-trotting for months to find out whether she was or wasn’t Peter’s mother, something that is still not resolved. It was nice to see Emma back, but she too has fallen under Peter’s spell. There will be a whole lot of heartbreak when the truth about him is revealed, and Anna could face some harsh consequences for concealing evidence to protect Peter.

These are simply my observations for the week. Please leave your own in the comments.


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