Deconstructing GH: Fans’ Wishes Now That General Hospital Has Resumed Include Humor & Hook-ups

January 27 - 31

Liz and Franco from General Hospital

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With the impeachment hearings pre-empting another good portion of the week, and General Hospital only airing two episodes, we decided to change things up for the column. We asked fans on social media what their dream storylines for the show and their favorite characters would be and have compiled some of them for discussion. 

A twist in the Wiley story

The truth about Wiley finally coming out was tops for most viewers’ wishlists, but Long Lost Q on Twitter suggested an even bigger twist would be for it to turn out that Michael isn’t the child’s father. That would definitely be the nail in Nelle’s coffin and cut her ties to Michael. Though after all this time, Michael deserves to be reunited with his child. Watching him lose the boy all over again would be doubly heartbreaking.

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More for Liz

A lot of fans would like to see a more substantial storyline for Liz. The exploration of her abandonment issues, bringing back some of the Webber family, and possibly even a baby for Franco and Liz. Returning Hayden to Port Charles would be a good start, especially now that the truth about the threat to her is slowly being revealed as a set-up by Nikolas. It would also be nice to see Hayden interact with her and Liz’s father and what type of relationship she’d have with him. As for a baby, that would require a huge change of heart for Franco, who has previously stated his fears of passing his genes on.

The end of Peter

Bringing an end to Peter one way or another was a common wish. While many want to see him finally brought down for his crimes, others want it resolved as to who his mother is. ‘Mom111964’ on Twitter even suggested that it be revealed Peter is of no relation to Anna at all, as a son or a nephew. That would definitely rock Peter’s world.


Many viewers appear to be loving Nina and Ava’s recent partnership and developing friendship. I agree and hope they continue to nurture this relationship. In general, it would be great to see more of the characters interacting as friends. Diana and Alexis are always hilarious together, and Lulu and Maxie’s crazy adventures are fun too.

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Humor and hook-ups

A lot of people would like to see more humor added to the show. It definitely has been a dark and depressing past year or two, what with Ryan’s killings, Shiloh’s crazy cult, and Oscar’s death. The Nurses’ Ball only comes once a year, so finding ways to interject more humor would be welcomed. Dr. Obrecht is usually good for comedic relief. Speaking of Dr. Obrecht, many would like to see a romance between her and Scotty. They would make for an interesting and hilarious pairing for sure!

Nina’s child

With the truth about Sasha being a fraud revealed, Nina’s heart has been broken and she can’t seem to bear anymore heartache that goes along with searching for her child. Fans have long believed Willow was her missing child, especially seeing that the powers that be have pitted them against one another as enemies. However, ‘SoapJenn’ suggested Nelle turn out to be Nina’s daughter. That would definitely be a twist, but I think Nina has suffered enough. To saddle her with Nelle would be worse than her never finding her child.

Bad guys should be bad

A surprising number of fans would like to see Sonny, Jason and the likes be held accountable for their criminal behavior. The mob storylines have long been divisive, with people either loving or hating them. However, I can’t see the show ever turning Sonny truly evil, or putting him in jail for a long amount of time. Love him or hate him, he’s become central to the show.

A mystery offspring

‘Kevin’ on Twitter brought up that in the past it was hinted that Helena and Luke had some type of relationship, and perhaps they have a child floating around out there. That could be an interesting storyline, but first, the show should determine whether Valentin is Helena’s child or not. As I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, Valentin being Helena’s son would add more complex layers to his character. And it’s unlikely they’d make Valentin Luke’s kid seeing that would make him and Lulu half-siblings.

We would love to hear your comments on these ideas, or for you to share your dream scenarios.


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