Deconstructing GH: Nik & Ava’s Vengeful Schemes and Realistic Teens

January 6 - 10

Deconstructing General Hospital January 9 2020

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I’m Lori and I’m filling in for Dustin while he’s on vacation. I couldn’t have picked a better week to chime in on the happenings in Port Charles because, as Dustin said in last week’s Deconstructing GH, 2020 rang in with a bang. The cliffhanger of Nikolas crashing Nina and Valentin’s wedding after rescuing Ava was the most electric thing to happen in a while and it only got more exciting from there.

Nikolas and Ava are back

While excitement surrounded Nikolas’ return, the character has been written as a whiny jerk ever since. This week we finally got to see Prince Nikolas claim what was his against Valentin and it was glorious. Ava also got in on the action, as she married Nikolas and used the codicil to get what she wanted out of him. As Julian said, it’s great to see her back to her old self after her recent breakdown. This is the Nikolas and Ava I want to see. Strong, vengeful, powerful, scheming. Then there’s Valentin. Hopefully, we’ll see a real war between him and Nikolas as he is supposed to be the most feared Cassadine, but we’ve never seen anything to back up that claim. All Valentin does is growl. His ruthlessly pushing Ava off the turret was a good start at how evil he could be. Now that he and Nina are no longer, maybe it will give him the space to do that. He also has to deal with the fact that he might not be a Cassadine at all. It’s so Helena to toy with her own son like that his whole life. It makes the reveal that he isn’t Mikkos’ son a believable retcon of history.

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As for Laura, she was dead on when she railed at Nikolas for leaving Spencer and for worrying about who her son is becoming. In fact, everyone is giving him crap for what he did to Spencer and it is rightfully deserved. Makes me wonder if Spencer will be just as furious, or if he’ll be proud and understanding of his father for vanquishing Valentin. Maybe a little of both? Either way, that reunion is eagerly anticipated. Nikolas’ revenge has also been fun to watch because he was never forgotten after his “death,” mostly due to Spencer’s thirst for revenge. They didn’t just start talking about him again a month before his return. It’s been building to this for years. Great payoff. Great soap.

Loving realistic teens

The teen scenes this week were adorable and surprisingly relatable for a soap. No crazy on the run adventures, fending off serial killers, getting kidnapped by a mad man who wants to implant them with someone else’s memories or embarking on an outlandish immigration storyline. They are just a bunch of teens looking for their crushes to crush on them back. They’re facing rejection and embarrassment while leaning on their friends like actual teenagers. I do wonder if Dev’s disinterest in Josslyn’s kiss will lead to a coming out storyline. His backing away didn’t play like he was into it but sincerely worried about Sonny’s reaction. He also wasn’t into Trina, who noted he doesn’t talk to any of the other girls at school. The possibility of Dev being gay feels like the obvious storyline.

Let cousin Gladys stay, Sonny

I have really grown to like Gladys. She’s been given a little more depth and complexity lately and Bonnie Burroughs is interesting to watch as an actress. Gladys seems sincere in her desire to help Mike, yet she has no problem taking Sonny’s payoffs. She’s super curious about Sonny’s business to the point of suspicion, yet she seems to genuinely appreciate the warmth of his family. I have no idea what her agenda is and I love it. She could be an interesting dynamic for Sonny to continue to play.

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Disaster waiting to happen

Even though Michael is Wiley’s godfather he is seriously overstepping when it comes to the boy. Wiley has a ton of family that can help Brad out while Lucas is in a coma, but Michael is just always hanging around. After offering to hire a nanny for Brad, Michael then suggested he do it himself. I was annoyed for Brad. However, Brad’s decision to hire Willow as a nanny because he’s freaked out that Michael is really Wiley’s father isn’t a better choice. Willow thinks she’s Wiley’s biological mother. Does Brad think deepening their bond is a good idea? The frazzled dad definitely needs help, but not from those two.

These are just my thoughts on the week in Port Charles. What are yours? Tell us below!


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