Deconstructing GH: New Year Started With Exciting Reveals & Shockers

December 30 - January 3:

Nikolas rescues Ava on General Hospital

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Thanks to the New Year’s holiday it was another brief week on General Hospital, but a lot of secrets are coming out for 2020. Because the show is still behind schedule, Port Charles is just now ringing in the New Year. Friday’s episode was definitely one for the books!

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Carly comes clean

Pushed by Sonny, who couldn’t stand not knowing what Carly and Jax were keeping from him, she finally told him the truth about Nikolas. Predictably, he immediately began thinking about how he could use this against Jax, which Carly quickly shot down and reminded him that Jax could expose the truth about Dev. Sonny noting Jax had broken the law was laughable given what an upstanding guy he is. I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH Sonny is focused on his hurt over the fact that Carly didn’t trust him, but is forgetting she asked him to trust her to tell him everything when the time was right. So who is the one with the trust issues? 2020 isn’t starting off well for them.

Shiloh’s back in a way

Willow, Harmony, Jason, Sam, Kristina and Michael all were invited to a special memorial celebrating the life of Shiloh. Puke! Shiloh is the bad pill that somehow keeps turning up even though he’s dead. I’m betting this will all play into whatever Nelle is plotting and those ELQ shares of Oscar’s in contention.

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Sam’s bad news

So Sam’s Christmas miracle of being paroled just turned into a New Year’s nightmare, as her parole officer has informed her that she can have no contact with Jason. How groundbreaking of the powers that be to come up with yet another way to keep Jason and Sam apart. Diane gave them a hard dose of truth, that Sonny’s kids have paid for years because of some of his choices, and now they have some hard ones to make for their family. They actually had somewhat of an aha moment that for the time being they had to play by the rules of the law, though they are also plotting to take down the parole officer. It’s frustrating to watch them being kept apart again, but it’s also frustrating knowing their choices are in part the reason for their heartbreak.

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That’s one way to ring in the New Year

Nina and Valentin’s second big wedding day arrived, and Obrecht was serving out fantastic insults and delicious drinks as the wedding official mixologist. She and Martin had some good sparks going on, though the doctor still seems smitten with Jax. Apparently she can’t see Jax is already fixated on Nina.

Valentin lost his cool and pushed Ava off the turret of Wyndemere when she wouldn’t hand over the codicil. Now we all know she isn’t going to die, and if one listened closely you could hear her splash into the water. It was a nice throwback to their first major confrontation involving Nikolas, where it was Nikolas who went over a balcony after Valentin shot him. So now he’s got two attempted murders on his hands. While Nikolas’ fall was outside of US jurisdiction, Ava’s wasn’t. After this, and with Nikolas able to give his side of the story, Valentin could be in for some big trouble!

Poor Laura is being beaten over the head with clues that Nikolas is alive and still can’t figure it out. Meanwhile, it really appeared that Nina was going to forgive Valentin again and marry him so as to not hurt herself or Charlotte, but at the altar, she seemed to give him one final test which he failed when she asked if there were no more secrets between them. We’ll never know what she’d have said when it came to her chance to say, “I do.” At that moment as to outdo his sister Lulu bringing the first wedding to a halt, a soaking wet Nikolas burst into the mansion carrying Ava in his arms to disrupt the second. What a way to ring in 2020! This is General Hospital done right.

These are my opinions on this, the first week of 2020. Agree or disagree, please leave yours in the comments. As I am going to be away for the next two weeks, Lori Wilson will be filling in with her opinions of General Hospital.


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