Deconstructing GH: A Christmas Carol & Tracy’s Return a Holiday Treat

December 23 - 27:

Finn playing Scrooge on General Hospital

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With the holidays and a special episode of General Hospital on Monday, it was a very short week in terms of storyline development. However, we saw Tracy’s return, the Quartermaines sang, and Sam’s family got a Christmas miracle. 

Bah Humbug

Monday featured a special stand-alone episode of General Hospital which told the story of A Christmas Carol, featuring the cast playing the characters from the popular Dickens story. The story is my favorite Christmas tale, so I can be very judgemental when it comes to adaptations. Trying to fit it all into an hour, with commercials, is no small feat. Overall I felt they did a great job. For me the costumes and the set really stole the show, along with Dr. Obrecht as the ghost of Christmas present and Ava decked out as the spooky ghost of Christmas yet to come. Finn seemed to be an odd choice for Scrooge because he really isn’t that much of a miser. But it was probably slim pickings amongst the cast. Tracy just returned, Nelle is unredeemable, and Nikolas, who really needs the lesson, is still in hiding. They could have done it with Valentin, but he’s going to get his soon enough hopefully.

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She’s back

Tracy shocked the Quartermaines by returning to Port Charles, only to get a shock herself when she walked into the completely redecorated Quartermaine mansion. Maybe it will grow on me, but my first impressions matched Tracy’s horror. It looks more like a house you’d see in a furniture catalog than a family, let alone the Quartermaines, would live in. Tracy and Monica trading insults brought back memories of the past, but Michael and Brook Lynn are already suspicious as to what has brought Tracy home. Given she kept asking about ELQ, it seems she’s once again got her eye on her father’s company.

Community service

I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, Franco’s memory returning was a nice treat for Liz and her family for Christmas. Sadly it seemed they had two seconds back together to decorate their tree before Cam had to report to his community service. First, he really has community service on Christmas Eve? And second, it’s insane he’s still doing this service. Fortunately, they revealed on Friday’s episode he’s in his final week of it. It was beginning to feel like he’d be doing it until he graduated college.

Mike’s bad day

During a visit to Turning Woods, Sonny discovered Mike was having a good day cognitively, but a bad day for other reasons. Yvonne was taken away and he was irate. We haven’t seen much of her lately and sadly we learned that she had stopped eating and had to be hospitalized and put on a feeding tube. Gladys, who was visiting Mike, counseled Sonny on her friend she just lost to Alzheimer’s who had just gone through a similar situation, though she had chosen to stop eating in order to die with dignity. However, the family put her on a feeding tube, leading to a slow painful death. Talk about bumming the viewers out for the holidays! The powers that be couldn’t have just given the viewers one happy episode with Mike?

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A Christmas miracle, and more bad news

The post-Christmas episode, which was originally scheduled to air before Christmas but didn’t due to all the pre-emptions, was a nice one. Monica started a new Quartermaine tradition of Wassailing, and fortunately, it did not involve pizza. Sam getting paroled was a great surprise, and couldn’t have happened sooner because if she stayed in prison for one more day Scout would probably be getting married without her. Holy cow they’ve aged that kid! Also the call Jordan got about a friend from long ago that Curtis didn’t know, but who passed, was strange. It can’t be a fluke and must play into a story yet to come.

These are just my thoughts on the week. I hope everyone had happy holidays and wish everyone a Happy New Year!


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