Deconstructing GH: Looking Forward to Peter’s Lies Unraveling

December 9 - 13:

Peter explains the shooting to Liz on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital Griffin was back briefly, Mike continued to deteriorate, and Nelle put a plan into motion to get herself out of Pentonville. The highlight, as with last week, was Nina and Ava teaming up and the upcoming auction. And Peter’s actions remain just as confusing as ever, but it looks like we are getting closer to see him being taken down.

The return of Dr. Munro

Griffin was back briefly to examine Lucas and was also asked by Sonny to evaluate Mike. It was unfortunate they wasted one of his episodes by having Anna, Maxie and Laura recap him, and viewers, on all that had happened since he left. Hopefully, we will see Griffin again in the future and perhaps they will give him more of a story.

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Sonny’s desperation

Mike’s Alzheimer’s continued to worsen, and Griffin reiterated Stella’s belief that the end was in sight. Sonny wouldn’t accept that and began calling in specialists with cutting edge procedures. Sonny’s visit to him was heartbreaking because Mike thought he was Scully. It’s at the point where Mike doesn’t recognize his family anymore, and Sonny is going to have to accept his father is gone. Perhaps Mike will get a Christmas miracle, but it’s looking like we may not see much more of Mike until the news of his passing comes.

Peter’s attack of consciousness

I can’t make heads or tails of where the powers that be are taking Peter, but I’d like it to be to Pentonville at this point. He ordered yet another hit on Andre and “Drew,” but at the last minute tried to call it off and ended up having to take out the hitman himself, coming out looking like a hero. Except he’s no hero, and it’s hard for many to even like him as a character. The show can’t seem to figure out if they want to redeem him or keep him struggling with being morally bankrupt. At least Jason is onto him and laid his theory out to Anna. Even Anna seemed to realize her son may not be as changed as he claims. And will we ever learn if he is her son? She went away for months to learn that and came back with nothing. Or at least that’s what she’s claimed. I’m amending my Christmas list from last week’s column. I want the truth about Peter to come out along with the truth about Wiley!


So Harmony was released from Pentonville due to overcrowding, which Laura also brought up as mayor this week. Now we have the reason Sam will likely be let out early. The sooner the better. I’m seeing a Christmas miracle for Sam and family coming soon.

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Nelle’s plan and ELQ

Nelle got herself sprung from Pentonville by having Ryan stab her and getting sent to General Hospital. How she is going to use this to stay out of jail remains to be seen. The doctors have pretty much patched her up, so shouldn’t they just send her right back? Many viewers assume Nelle’s after Shiloh’s shares of ELQ, which most fans have hypothesized she got by marrying him in prison. Ned also just happened to bring up Oscar’s shares and wants to divide them between Olivia and Leo, which seems to scream Nelle is going to make a grab for them

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Brook Lynn’s secret

So we learned that Brook Lynn fired her mother as her manager and signed an insane 5-year contract with a new manager who has a reputation, and now she seems to be running from him. There was a lot of allusions to either him being controlling or abusive. After the resurrection of Kiefer and a year of Shiloh, hopefully the show is not going to go down this road again.

Dream Team

Nina and Ava are officially working together to bring down Valentin and Nikolas, and I couldn’t be happier. As I noted last week’s Deconstructing GH, Nina and Ava waging war together should be fun to watch. It should also speed up the codicil story, which has slowed down over the past few weeks. With the big auction that Ava has arranged for the portrait next week, things should get very exciting really quickly.

These are just my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Please leave your own, whether you agree or not.


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