Deconstructing GH: Explosions, Poorly Kept Secrets and Awkward Exes

November 11 - 15:

Finn tells violet he's her dad on General Hospital

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This week was a short one on General Hospital due to the real-life drama of the impeachment hearings. Nikolas has quickly become the latest worst kept secret in Port Charles, Cassandra was blown sky high, and things are getting weird between Finn and Hayden.

So long Cassandra

Fortunately, Cassandra’s kidnapping of Charlotte didn’t last long. Cassandra complaining about the germs in children’s saliva after Charlotte bit her and ran off was hilarious. Her germaphobia is one of the best parts of her character. Anna’s appearing on the pier in the nick of time was a nice surprise, and it’s about time she came back. I ranted in last week’s Deconstructing GH the lack of Anna’s presence in light of Finn and Hayden’s storyline seemed odd. Cassandra was able to take off in a speedboat provided by Valentin, only to discover the dastardly Cassadine had planted a bomb on board. Need to set off a bomb? There’s an app for that! And that’s just how he blew her sky-high. However, given she found the bomb, we all know she likely dove off the boat and will return at some point. She’s too good of a villain to be gone for good.

Observant Charlotte

Charlotte lashing out at her parents for pretending to get along when she knew they hated one another was a fantastic scene. Charlotte really shined this week. As bratty as Charlotte often is, Scarlett Fernandez is a terrific little actress. Hopefully one day soon she’ll see the light about her precious papa, and those scenes should be epic.

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Want to have a slumber party?

Finn, Hayden and Violet’s tea party was adorable. However, when the tiny tyke grew tired, Finn suggested both she and Hayden stay the night. The only problem? It’s at Anna’s house! And neither of them seemed to flinch at the idea of the exes spending the night under the roof of Finn’s new love interest. This was just too absurd, even for a soap opera! It was also downright rude and disrespectable to Anna. They are making me want to root for Robert in taking delight in breaking them up. Things became even more awkward the next morning as Hayden casually paraded around her ex in one of Finn’s shirts and not much else, and Finn didn’t ever suggest she finish dressing. And naturally, Anna returned home to surprise Finn, only to get a surprise herself. Frankly, she was a lot more understanding than many would have been! However, Violet is adorable, and her asking Finn if Roxy was her sister was too cute for words.

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Seven, er six, and counting

Nikolas stealing Jax’s credit card to rent the van he used to help spring Cassandra was pretty ridiculous. He’s gone to such great lengths to hide his identity for his revenge and we are just supposed to believe he’d make such a major screw-up? That and the fact that he keeps leaving the house to walk around Port Charles. And then he just blatantly revealed himself to Carly for no real reason. So now we have Hayden, Jax, Carly, Cassandra, who may be dead, Ava, who everyone thinks is crazy, and now Charlotte knowing about Nikolas. Charlotte told Laura about seeing him, but not knowing who he was. Cue Charlotte soon seeing a picture of her Uncle Nikolas at any moment! This is getting ridiculous and everyone in Port Charles will know about Nikolas before Laura finds out her son is alive. Wrap it up writers!

“Drew” sees the light

I was delighted that Scott told “Drew” the truth about his relationship with Franco as kids and what he owed him. If they had done this weeks ago perhaps all this could have been avoided! Watching “Drew” realize he was taking a life that didn’t belong to him was a long time coming. Now let’s hope the powers that be wrap this up and return Franco to his family in time for the holidays. And I am absolutely looking forward to him breaking Kim’s heart.

These are my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Please leave your own in the comments!


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