Deconstructing GH: Dumb Decisions, Stale Stories, and Filler Fluff

October 14 – 18:

Nina is miserable General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, Nina believed in Valentin’s innocence and took him back while having the book thrown at Sasha, Brad was caught in more lies, and Sam’s in even bigger trouble in a storyline that shouldn’t be happening. It also felt like a lot of filler episodes were being thrown at us.

Three strikes, you’re out

I vented in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Valentin needs to pay for all he’s done, yet once again he’s gotten away with his plots. It’s understandable why Sasha threw herself under the bus to exonerate Obrecht and Valentin, she doesn’t want to see Nina hurt any more than she has been. But the truth eventually will come out, especially with Sasha possibly facing jail time for her fraud and being offered a deal to point the finger at Valentin. At this point, it’s hard to feel sorry for Nina. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me thrice, nobody cares anymore! Some viewers are hoping Nina is just laying a trap for Valentin, but I’m not sure she’s that crafty.

Well that was pointless

Nelle’s hearing wasted half of an episode with one of those meetings that could have been an email. Fortunately, they denied her parole and she’s up again in two years. See you then nutty Nelle! The downside is the powers that be could attempt to draw out the baby swap for another two years unless either Brad or Nelle cracks. Brad seems to be getting close, what with his nightmares and anxieties. Lucas caught him in a lie about attending Nelle’s parole hearing and stated it was starting to feel like the old Brad was back who lies left and right. If Lucas only knew! As with Nina, once the truth is revealed, it will be hard to impossible to feel anything for Brad.

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Evaluating Dranco

Kevin was called in to determine if Dranco was of sound mind and body and could make his own decisions about his health, or if Liz’s petition to make decisions was for the best. However, it was Cam who was the star of the week in pleading with Kim not to encourage Draco, and how much Franco had come to mean to his family and him in particular. Unfortunately Kim is too far gone and is only thinking about herself and holding onto her past. With rumors of Tamara Braun’s possible departure from General Hospital, perhaps this storyline will soon be over. If so, it would be wrapped up in record time.

An ode to Ava and sticking it to Sam

In yet more filler, watching Kevin write his latest love letter for Ava for half an episode seemed pointless. But at least we know what is in them. It seemed more of a set-up for what was to come when Bryce returned to their cell after his meeting with Jason. Wait, are you telling me a deranged serial killer like Ryan has a cellmate? That doesn’t seem right. Anyway, after almost giving Jason everything he needed to free Sam, Ryan brutally murdered Bryce after he dared to make comments about looking Ava up when he got out of jail. Whoopsy! Hopefully, the powers that be are actually going somewhere with this railroading of Sam, but it seems like it’s just another excuse for Jason to save Sam. When she was being hauled off to Pentonville it was nice to see Sam worry about her kids. I almost thought everyone had forgotten Scout existed. And on the subject of Scout, why haven’t we seen more mourning for Drew aside from Kim and Monica? Will he even be given some kind of service? Lord knows the anniversary of St. Morgan’s death has to be honored with an episode every year.

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These are only my thoughts and opinions on this week’s episodes of General Hospital. I’d love to hear yours. Please leave them in the comments!


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