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Deconstructing GH: Nelle lacks growth, not connecting with viewers

March 20 - 24

Olivia Jerome was sent to Darkham this week, but there are so many unanswered questions that it’s obvious we haven’t seen the last of her. As crazy as she was, she was a fun kind of crazy that was enjoyable. Nelle on the other hand is the annoying kind of crazy that isn’t connecting with viewers. Unlike Olivia, Nelle’s backstory was a bust, and she shows no signs of having a purpose in Port Charles anymore.

A second chance for Nelle, but why?
I remain annoyed by the fact that Sonny and Carly still haven’t even considered that Sonny didn’t sleep with Nelle and it was a lie. Sonny told Carly he doesn’t remember it, he doesn’t even remember wanting to sleep with her, and all he remembers is having a drink and then waking up in bed with Nelle. Hello, it sounds fishy! Sonny isn’t helping his case with his outlandish demands that Carly forgive him, or else he’s done trying with her. Smack my head!

Nina hired Nelle as Charlotte’s nanny because she believes everyone can change if given a chance. Unfortunately, one note Nelle is showing no signs of wanting to change. She claimed to Michael she really did try and stop the plan she put into motion, and yelled the same thing at Bobbie. However, she has yet to admit to anyone that she drugged Sonny and climbed into bed with him to make it look like they had sex. Admitting that might go a long way to winning Michael’s trust back, but honestly, he is better off without her. If the writers expect the fans to warm up to Nelle, they aren’t doing a good job in giving us a reason to like the character.

The craziness of Lulu.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I was appalled that Valentin won custody of Charlotte, but then again the legal system in Port Charles and soaps in general is a farce. This week however what sympathy I had for Lulu went out the door when she started in on her crazy antics. She launched into Valentin when he offered to arrange a visit with Charlotte even before the court appointed ones were set to start. At least Laura was there to be the voice of reason. Then she was ready to go give Nina hell, but fortunately Nina wasn’t in her office. So instead she vented to Dillon. Lulu is never going to get Charlotte back or win her over if she doesn’t calm the heck down and play by the rules.

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Unlikely allies.
Valentin attempted to make peace with Anna, but she refuses to let go of their mysterious past connection. He warned her that he’d cut her out of his life if she wouldn’t let it go. As if that would be a punishment for Anna how? That seems like it’s punishing Valentin, who I think is still in love with Anna. I found it a hoot that Anna had to turn to Obrecht to try and get answers from Faison about her and Valentin’s past. Dr. O is such a great character and I’m glad to see her used her more.

I’m going to need some Zen Zen to tolerate this storyline.
The drugged-out Finn story still is doing nothing for me. I don’t care to watch him refuse to go to rehab or suffer through withdrawals. The only good part of the story is that it’s continued to bring Hayden and Liz together. I enjoyed seeing Liz be there for Hayden, and Hayden taking her advice on dealing with an addict.

Darkham awaits.
So we saw Olivia Jerome depart this week for Darkham asylum, but enough mysterious hints were dropped that this wouldn’t be the last we’d see of her. In a shocking twist, Valentin hired Nora Buchanan to defend Olivia in court and keep her out of jail. Why though? He must not have brought Nora up to speed on Olivia’s crimes, because when the judge read the huge list of them the look on Nora’s face was priceless. Before Oliva left she told Nora, “Say hi to your cowboy for me!” Was this just a nod to “One Life to Live,” or something more? Viewer ‘comment’ posted an interesting theory on’s General Hospital message board that Olivia and Alex from “OLTL,” both characters who have had mental issues, are one and the same! It’s an interesting thought. Finally, Jordan informed Olivia she had to have someone helping her recover all these years, and she was going to find out who it was. There is definitely still a lot we don’t know about Ms. Jerome!

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Julian’s letter pushes Alexis over the edge.
Molly and Kristina learned about Julian’s letter, and they disagreed on whether it was truthful and genuine. While Molly believed it, Kristina didn’t and bashed Julian to her mother. I found her a bit hypocritical given her own father is no better than Sonny. But a depressed Alexis found herself starring at a bottle by the end of the week. I can see her starting to drink again and having visions of Julian, but the real question will be whether they are drunk visions or if he has returned. One viewer on Twitter suggested they have Julian return to town with Morgan, who most think isn’t dead either. That would be a good twist.

These are my opinions on the week’s episodes. Please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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