Deconstructing GH: An Overload of Crazy Characters

September 16 - 20:

Franco and Kim kiss on General Hospital

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A lot went down on General Hospital this week that had viewers talking, though not all of it was good. There was a complete overload of crazy with Cassandra returning, Shiloh’s trial and Kim going totally off the deep end. However, Sasha finally came clean, partially, so we are seeing some advancement on one major secret being revealed.

Crazy Kim

When the orderlies dragged Franco off to Ferncliff, they really should have taken Kim too. She’s completely lost in her grief over losing Oscar and now the real Drew Cain. Sleeping with Dranco was downright creepy, but I am guessing she’s finally going to end up with that brother or sister for Oscar that she wanted so badly a few weeks back. And poor Franco will end up with a child, something he never wanted out of fear he’d pass on his genetic dark side to them.

Haunted Star shenanigans

Dustin and Lulu went from a first kiss to hitting the sheets in a manner of moments, only to have Laura and Curtis walk in on them. It was a funny scene, but even better was the look on Maxie’s face when Lulu confessed all to her friend. It was also nice to have Lulu acknowledge the ink on her divorce papers was barely dry, and she felt some regret over her actions. However, she and Dustin are a lot of fun. Some viewers think Dustin is likely going to end up having a shady past. He does seem to be a little too perfect.

Elsewhere on the boat, while searching for the codicil, Laura and Curtis found Cassandra instead. I had to chuckle at these two as they were going through dresser drawers as if Helena would just hide it in a drawer, and as if nobody has actually used them in all these years and it would still be there. Cassandra quickly found herself in jail where she was disgusted by the uncleanliness of the place. Her wiping down the interrogation room with disinfectant was hilarious. It’s baffling that such a germaphobe likes to play fast and loose with deadly viruses. Eventually, Cassandra made a call to someone threatening to reveal them if they didn’t help her. Hopefully, this is the mysterious Cassadine that took her away last year and they will finally be revealed.

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Not Nina’s

I was worried in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Sasha’s confession would be a fantasy. Low and behold, she really did tell Michael, who reacted predictably and walked away from her. After a talk with Willow though he came around and is trying to help her out of the mess she’s in but has counseled her not to reveal the truth. His wanting to get her a lawyer made a lot of sense, but this is one of those rare times that you don’t want them to do what is realistic and just out the secret to all! Now we will likely have to sit through watching Sasha constantly talking to herself about how she’s eventually going to have to break poor Nina’s heart.

Really Peter?

So Peter apparently downed Drew’s plan and almost had Andre killed in order to keep his secrets from coming out, and then he started bending over backward for Shiloh because he knew the worst of his secrets. Now he’s finally decided to off Shiloh. Why didn’t he just do that from the beginning? Hey, if the powers that be are bent on un-redeeming Peter, he might as well take out the character so many despise. Of course, just like everything else Peter has tried to do lately, the plan failed and Shiloh escaped.

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Man up!

It was good to see Julian not only refuse to kill Obrecht for Brad but to tell him to man up and solve his own problems with the doctor, even if it meant being her personal errand boy for life. It’s about time someone told Brad to fix the mess he got himself into. Bravo!

These are only my opinions on this week’s episodes. Please feel free to comment with yours.


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